The story resumes where Vol. 1 New World Days left off. After the festival, the knight Dahlia approaches you as the main protagonist with her request to make her a woman. This could easily be misunderstood as a direct pointer to lewd actions with her, however later in the dialogue, it is explained by the sorceress Veronica, that Dahlia needs to be more feminine to attract a powerful demon that is attacking only women.

The mage Veronica however had her fair share of stalkers behind her & I went to her rescue.

Some time passed and we went for a nice walk through the woods, which of course wasn’t without some trouble along the way.

Upon our return, Lupin and Daisy patched my manly body, but that wasn’t enough so they called upon my old acquaintance Plumeria – the shy nun from the previous chapter.

Later that night Dahlia was feeling a bit more down than usual so we went for a stroll and she ended up confessing her feelings to me. I didn’t have the heart to turn her down. I’m starting to feel like a freaking magnet for girls, no kidding.

It got confirmed when Veronica dragged me out for another walk & ended up confessing not that she has feelings for me, but also she used to travel with Dahlias best friend who got killed. Dahlia was jealous & stalking us the whole time, but sadly not enough to hear the whole story & attacked Veronica under the impression that she had killed her best friend. Of course, at this point, the main bad guy shows up. The one Dahlia was trying to train for & be more feminine. Due to this fight, she was unwillingly forced to listen to the whole story of her friend’s death circumstances & realized her mistakes. Dahlia blows her far away to save her & intends to fight the demon alone. Me seeing the situation she is in – running out of physical & magical power, I grabbed her & carried her away. The pesky demon caught up & just before he was about to kill us both Dahlia sprinted in & blocked his attack.

The two then managed to kill him & the day was saved & the two friends were fine again. To their surprise, the word about this heroic battle reached the capital city & an envoy was sent to recruit them both. Which they didn’t like at all as they both wanted to stay with me.

Things even got more interesting as a former Earth co-worker stormed inside the Stray Sheep the next morning…