Please visit my nookazon for all my available offers and events.

General rules:

If you want to adopt a villager, please prepare the payment listed in my offer if there is any.

If you want to reserve a villager contact me via message on my FB page or instagram, do not comment!

For reservations ask nicely and include at least some time frame window in which you are able to come and pick up. I do not Time Travel, so no hold until XYZ day until you can have a free plot, please have the plot ready!

If you want to join an event like Mystery Bag Grab, Meteor Shower etc. and there is a price for entry listed, have it ready upon your arrival please, this will make it quicker for both you and me, so I do not have to chase you.

If I have Celeste, Saharah and Mystery Bag Grab events I will take you to the place needed, do not push me around after you drop the payment(if there is any).

If the event NPC is fenced in by holes, DO NOT close the holes by kicking them, this will result in the NPC getting away and me needing to trap it again! I will try to trap the NPC in my fruit orchards and block them by a stool, you just need to sit on it and turn.

Be so kind and only enter with a stable internet connection otherwise the trapped NPC will teleport from the trap and I will have to look for it again. Same applies to exiting – ONLY VIA AIRPORT, no pushing ” – ” button or again the NPC escapes!

In case you are interested in my hybrid flowers and there is an offer listed, I will dig them out and bring them to your island – I do not approve best friend requests for safety reasons!

If you want a crafted item from my materials it will cost extra NMT fee, if you let me come to you and craft from your it is cheaper!

If you like multiple of my listings I can combine the fee to be reasonable, i.e. – you come and buy a genuine painting for 10NMT and also want to shop at an NPC(usual fee 1NMT) and my shops(if they are open) the total price is 10NMT.

Absolutely no running trough my flowers if you are on my island for fishing/bug catching! No shaking trees or collecting materials unless I give you the permission to do so!

Liking and following my other social media is mandatory if you are adopting for the 1st time. I want this community to grow and so should you. It will help me and will cost you just a bit of time and a few clicks. 🙂 You have a variation to choose from.

I am a working person, I will trade with you ASAP, so please be patient. Thank you. 🙂

Sharing my social media and this page is appreciated.

Recommendations are welcome. I want to create great content for you.

I want this site to be drama free, so please be kind to each other.