Adoption Conditions


Interested parties who do not meet the conditions stated below will not be given a pup for adoption, as I care about my pups getting into the best possible homes, which is why I check potential new owners! Adoption of applicants under 15 years of age only with the consent of a legal representative or parent after a video call!


Breeding is my hobby, so you might have to wait until I have a pup available for adoption as I only have one active breeding pair at any given time which is always visible in the list of litters.


Breeders have priority when choosing and booking pups!


The enclosure for the hamster must consist of:

Single hamster needs an enclosure with min. measurements of 55x40cm, maximum depends on you as the owner, but keep in mind the scent will fade if the enclosure is too large.

For a group of 2-4 hamsters you will need an enclosure with min. measurements of 70x40cm, but max. of 100x50cm.

For a group of 5-8 hamsters you will need an enclosure with min. measurements of 80x50cm, but max. of 120x50cm.

In general I can recommend the Ferplast Duna Multi box for rodents with measurements of 71x46cm.

Litter – wooden shavings Allspan, LIMARA hay for rodents with chamomile and dandelion (source of fibre, you don’t need a lot, just scatter a little bit around the box), mix of herbs Nutrin – Vitality or Immunity.


Hygiene – Getzoo Sand Bath Marley or Glirex NatureSupplies – Plexi sandpit with half roof + fine sand for chinchillas duvo plus (for cleaning the hamster’s fur, the hamster will roll in it to clean the grease if it needs it) if you have a 2-chamber bathroom, then I recommend putting hay in the second chamber. If you are on a budget a ⌀ 14cm tin or glass container from a scented candle will serve just as good for the bath. You can get one of these at Pepco or Yankee Candle.


Equipment – ceramic water bottle stands (wooden ones are poorly maintained because the hamsters pee on them), water bottle (the plastic 50 ml one from TRIXIE is enough), ceramic or glass bowl (one for dry food and one for wet food – more about this in the nutrition section), Getzoo or Glirex wooden houses with a removable roof (so that you can see the hamster better and not disturb it during sleep by lifting the whole house), Glirex ceramic cave or Glirex cooling mat (so that the hamster is not too hot in the summer), wooden bridges, running wheel without bars (ideal is a plastic one with a diameter of 20 cm, smaller ones are not suitable as there is a risk of straining the spine, there are many manufacturers, e.g. BUCATSTATE, TRIXIE, Glirex or Getzoo and some also offer the option of height adjustment), cork tunnel (they usually sell it at Glirex or Getzoo and hamsters love to run on it and hide in it), a running disc with a diameter of 20 cm (if you have several hamsters in a group, there may be an argument over the wheel, so it is better to have another option for running on), mineral stone (for grinding of the hamster’s teeth so that they don’t overgrow and also works well against boredom)


I will be happy to answer any questions in the F.A.Q section.


Pre-adoption reservation process:

If you have decided to adopt a hamster, please send me a photo or video of the box with the equipment(bedding is not necessary inside the box at this stage, you can have the bag with the bedding near the box as long as it is visible on the photo/video), your contact details (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail), your previous experience with taking care of hamsters (it can be a different breed than Campbell), who will take care of the hamster(adult or child – as Campbell hamsters are not toys, I strongly advise interaction with children only under adult supervision, and not for longer than 5 minutes if you have a single hamster, if you have a group of hamsters please only interact with them in the box, more info in the hamster living section) and your vet’s contact information at so that I can be sure and have proof that the hamster only goes to suitable conditions.


Hamsters are not intended as food for reptiles, please do not contact me with such requests! If you are not a breeder, I will only give you same-sex individuals for adoption eg. 2 females or 2 males, opposite sex pairs are only given to registered breeders!


Please study the nutrition section carefully! If your hamster dies due to insufficient nutrition and poor care, I will not give you another for adoption, as there is a risk that the situation will repeat itself.


A hamster is not a toy, but a full-fledged member of your family, so carefully consider whether you have the time and resources to take care of it. If you are unable to continue taking care of it for objective reasons (allergy, moving to places where animals are not allowed, other animals in the household react aggressively to the hamster in the box), please do not put the hamster up for further adoption without my knowledge and consent. I need to know where my animals are and have information about their health at least once a month to monitor changes affecting genetics and further breeding of parents or siblings.


The adoption and reservation fee of €25 is payable no later than when the hamster is 3 weeks old, I can send the account number in IBAN format or PayPal upon request. The first and last name from the reservation e-mail must be identical to the account details from which the reservation fee is sent.


If you do not take over the hamster within 14 days after they are 4 weeks old, the fee is non-refundable as I will have to look for a new home, which costs time and money for care. 14 days is enough time to ensure transportation to a new home. After this period, the hamster is no longer reserved for you and will be offered to the next suitable applicant.

If I cancel your reservation due to illness or the death of the hamster, I will refund the entire amount of the fee.


If you are a registered breeder and you are interested in an exchange, you do not pay the reservation and adoption fee, only the costs of transportation (in the case of using an animal transport company). I can hold the selected pup for you until you have a suitable one for me to exchange for so you don’t have to travel or order transportation twice. In the case of a registered breeder, I require proof of registration in one of the official clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, etc., which are searchable via the Internet and have an official website where you are listed as a breeder.


Do not forget to disinfect the wooden equipment before putting it in the box by baking it in the oven, on a baking tray at 100 °C for a max. period of 15 minutes.



Disinfect glass and ceramic equipment with vinegar water or Dettol liquid soap and allow to dry thoroughly.



If you have other animals in the household that could endanger the hamster in the box in any way, put the box in a place where other animals in the household cannot access it – e.g. shelf, table, or another room.

Post-adoption care:

  1. At home, carefully release the hamster from the crate into a box with bedding, (including the bedding from which I will give the hamster to you, this contains his smell and will help the hamster reduce the stress of the new environment), food bowls, a water bowl, a toilet and a running wheel.
  2. 2-3 days after release in a new environment, do not touch the hamster in the box, so that it is not unnecessarily shy and gets used to the new environment better and is not afraid of contact with your hand. During this period, observe whether the hamster goes to the toilet in the reserved litter box, if not, clean the corner where it goes to relieve itself and move the litter box there. After this period, gradually add equipment to the hamster every day – hous/es, a cave(ceramics only during summer, please), bridges, a cork tunnel, etc.
  3. Do not try to grab the hamster by force, socialize with it by gradually putting your hand near it and let the hamster sniff you. Place your hand initially with the palm towards the floor of the box, this will prevent a possible painful bite into the palm if the hamster is suddenly startled by anything. You can also rub your hands with plain unscented toilet paper and leave it in the box, the hamster will take it as nesting material and will get used to your scent.