Please refer to specific subpage for G-Max Pokémon, babies or others.

General rules:

Moon BallLove BallLure BallHeavy BallLevel BallFriend BallDream BallFast Ball

  1. If you want to adopt a G-Max, please prepare apricorn balls or lvl 1 Pokémon in said balls.
  2. Egg moves are appreciated, but not mandatory.
  3. If you want to reserve a Pokémon contact me via message on my FB page only, do not comment!
  4. For reservations ask nicely and include name of the Pokémon, number from the chart and Nickname you want it to have.
  5. Liking and following my other social media is mandatory if you are adopting for the 1st time. I want this community to grow and so should you. It will help me and will cost you just a bit of time and a few clicks. 🙂 You have a variation to choose from.
  6. I am a working person, I will trade with you ASAP, so please be patient. Thank you. 🙂
  7. Sharing my social media and this page is appreciated.
  8. Recommendations are welcome. I want to create great content for you.
  9. I want this site to be drama free, so please be kind to each other.