All shiny Pokémon looking for new homes.

Adopt by contacting me via the comment section below. I will need your FB, Instagram or e-mail(to send you the trade code) and IGN. These are free, you can trade whatever Pokémon you like in return. I require proof of trading to you via review and picture in my FB group or Instagram post. Please be ready to trade when I give you your trade code. Otherwise, I reserve the Pokemon for you for a max of 24h, after that they will be put back up for adoption and you will not have any priority to get them.

  • Maddox Maddox

    Hey! i would adopt the buneary and Azumarill i dont have FB Insta but i have discord if u wanna add it its Mew151#6252 IGN MADDOX

  • Maddox Maddox

    Hi! my name is maddox and i would like to adopt the buneary and an azumarill! i will give them a good home and will love them! my ign is maddox and my discord is Mew151#6252 IGN maddox

    • SakuraTrish SakuraTrish

      as I am located in Europe it’s almost midnight here, but I have sent you a friend request on Discord. Feel free to DM me in approx 12h+ and I should be able to trade with you then. 🙂