Below you will always find the exact dates marked in a calendar with a note if it is just regular falling stars/meteor shower(exact times included).


  1. Always arrive at least 5mins before the falling starts in case you are visiting on normal falling stars. Otherwise you will ruin the wishing process for the rest of the visitors. ONLY ARRIVE IF YOU HAVE A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION! I will not re-open with a new DODO each time the connection drops because of crashing incoming visitor connection and it will kick out others as well, do not be the person who ruins the fun for others, please.
  2. You can shop, visit villagers and talk to them while waiting for the next batch of stars to fall, fishing & catching bugs is also allowed, just make sure you let people leave, then resume your activity.
  3. If you wish to leave a tip to the host, you can do so in front of the house or on the playground behind the house. House is located on the left from the airport exit. DO NOT STEAL THE TIPS!
  4. Always leave via airport only, no silent departures via “-” button. This will result in your game not saving and you will loose all the wishes you made. It also crash and kick the other visitors out.
  5. No shaking trees or picking flowers allowed unless you ask for the hosts approval. No running trough flowers either!
  6. Be respectful to the host and also other visitors please. No toxic behavior is tolerated!
  7. The host reserves the right to ban any visitor if any toxic behavior or rule violation is detected!