Beneath the peaceful surface lies the cruel fact. And here we have the extravagant yet dangerous banquet. NetEase’s first 1V4 Asymmetrical mobile game Identity Ⅴ is going to welcome its new Survivor “Little Girl” into the manor, who is here to find out the truth about the nightmare. Dilapidated manor, familiar figure, hopeless pursuit… will the old promise still be kept?

Events for all servers. Clear out all the doubts for old memory.

It all started with a strange commission. To find “Little Girl”, Detective Orpheus stepped into the abandoned Oletus Manor. After taking a mysterious medicine “Hydra”, he finally found the erased memory. What happened to the “little girl”? Why did she come to the manor and face the terrible pursuit again and again with fear? Following in the footsteps of detectives ten years ago, we are finally going to solve the mystery. In the second week’s event Her Game for all servers, players entered the new map “Dark Woods” to save “Little Girl”. As a result of efforts from players of all servers, “Little Girl” has finally been rescued and officially became a survivor, joining us in the Season18 Essence 3.

Season18 Essence 3: Confronting with the worst nightmare and Get Over it.

It all started with an isolated island like the Garden of Eden. She remembered that her family on the island believed in the Muse for generations. She remembered that there was only one kind of black fern on the island that had special effects. She remembered that people called it “the gift of the goddess.”

Until the red nightmare began to burn from afar, swallowing in her and that person’s promise. When she woke up again, the only thing she saw was a broken Garden of Eden and that all the good memories went in vain, nothing but the flying rugs broken walls, just like the tombstones of the islands.

Years later, she came back to the hunted home that had long been destroyed. However, after landing on the island, she only saw endless nights, chaotic and absurd dinners, crazy monsters that could be barely called “human”. Why are they here? What was the truth? Who is in charge of all that behind the feast of vanity?

She knows the figure, the one at the end of the flame. Is that him? No, he would not be lost in his mind and would not hurt her.

With Season18 Essence 3, players will have the chance to get “Little Girl” S Costume, Toy Merchant A Costume, Evil Reptilian A Costume and other characters’ themed Costume. Now, gather up your courage with the “Little Girl” and find out the truth behind.

Introduction to “Little Girl”, the New Survivor: Memory Sync

Trapped in the nightmare of his memory, perhaps even “Orpheus” doesn’t know her. But she insists on staying on the manor and face the danger, all her fears turned into strength, allowing her to win the game again and again.

  • Introductions to “Little Girl” skills

Memory Fragment: The “Little Girl” carries with her pieces of recorded pasts known as “Memory Fragments.” Tap the button to throw a Memory Fragment, which creates a circular area of effect on the ground within a short period of time. All characters within this area will be launched a certain distance in the direction that the circle is expanding.

Memory Sync: The “Little Girl” can initiate Memory Sync with nearby allies to move and interact alongside them, increasing their decoding speed by 70%, vaulting speed by 15%, and pallet-dropping/Rocket Chair-rescuing speed by30%. The “Little Girl can use Memory Fragments while performing Memory Sync While the “Little Girl’s” Memory Sync is activated, Hunters cannot attack her with normal attacks or abilities. If a synced Survivor is knocked down or the “Little Girl” takes damage while using Memory Sync, its effects will be dispelled. The “Little Girl” can also cancel Memory Sync herself, which will grant her and the Survivor a 30% movement speed boost for the next 2 seconds.

Pity: The “Little Girl” doesn’t want those around her to be trapped within a nightmare. She can teleport herself next to any free-moving teammate. When the “Little Girl” is within a Hunter’s Terror radius, she can’t teleport to a specified teammate. When the “Little Girl” vanishes, Hunters can see the “Little Girl’s” location before teleporting.

The Third act of the Activity: Confronting the “nightmare”

After this week’s update, the new plot of the third phase will be released. The all-server activity starts at 11:00 (Japan time) on November 12, players will be confronting the “nightmares” of detectives and the deepest fears. Players will receive generous rewards after finishing all the activities. For those who finish all the missions at all stages will get UR Costume for free. What are you waiting for? Come and join us in the Manor!

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