Plus fan-favorite Classic Joust map returns for Joust and Duel matches

ATLANTA – JUNE 15 – Today, the dark sorceress of Arthurian legend Morgan Le Fay arrives to cast a dark spell over SMITE’s roster of over 110 playable gods.

Having thrilled players in May’s cinematic trailerMorgan Le Fay brings her cunning and witchcraft to the Battleground of the Gods.

A former student of Merlin’s, Morgan Le Fay turned her newfound knowledge into dark magic. Channeling her powers towards control, sorcery and manipulation, Morgan Le Fay will enchant all who stand in her way – including the best and truest knights – to secure her ultimate goal: King Arthur’s throne.

“Morgan Le Fay is a fantastic backline mage”, said Dishant Samtani, SMITE Game Designer at Titan Forge Games, developer of SMITE“With her versatile spells, she is able to harass enemies with different controlling effects from afar. If enemies get too close, her defensive dragon apparition summon provides her additional opportunities to get back into a favorable position. Players will love Morgan Le Fay’s powerful sorcery, combined with her deep backstory of legends and vengeance.”

For a detailed overview of Morgan Le Fay and an insight into her design, check out the Morgan Le Fay: A Closer Look blog post.

Classic Joust Map Returns

Also in today’s update, the Classic Joust map is making a comeback! Replacing the current Joust map in all 3v3 and 1v1 Normal and Ranked Joust and Duel matches, the return of the Classic Joust map will delight many players. 

Fitting thematically with Morgan Le Fay’s arrival, the return of the Classic Joust map also brings a variety of balance and tuning changes – including new Red Jungle Camp enhancement and bonuses, plus tweaks to the pace players earn Gold and XP to make the curve feel more natural, like other SMITE modes.


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