Steamy Otome Visual Novel ‘BUSTAFELLOWS’ Out Now For PC & Nintendo Switch!  

PQube (London, UK) – July 30th, 2021 – PQube and developer NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC are excited to launch steamy noir visual novel ‘BUSTAFELLOWS” on Nintendo Switch and Steam today!

  • Over 80 hours of gameplay available to the western audience for the first time
  • Murder, mystery, and dangerous relationships with unique interactive narrative gameplay
  • Solve crimes, puzzles and more to unravel the truth
  • Romance 5 dangerous fellows, each with unlockable side stories
  • Explore different routes and endings based on your choices
  • Cameo appearances from the cast of ‘Side Kicks!’​
  • Complete Japanese voice acting, including KENN, Yoshimasa Hosoya & more
  • One of the most highly rated otome visual novels with a wholesome story
  • Out today on Nintendo Switch and Steam
  • 10% Off On Steam For A Limited Time!

BUSTAFELLOWS is a classic of the otome genre, known for its female leads, dramatic stories and romantic subplots. Step into the shoes of a strong, smart and gifted journalist embroiled in a life and death adventure. With the ability to jump back in time, and into the bodies of others, collect clues, press witnesses and protect your friends in this thrilling noir visual novel!Check out the ‘BUSTAFELLOWS’ 

Launch trailer: 

With romance, mystery and dangerous relationships, BUSTAFELLOWS follows our heroine, Teuta, a young, independent journalist on a mission to discover the truth behind the harrowing murder of her brother years ago. Become embroiled in a thrilling plot about love, loss, fear and fortune as you strive to save the life of your friends. 

Explore the gorgeous North American city of New Sieg, a bustling metropolis that sets the scene for our adventure. After witnessing the murder of a crooked lawyer, Teuta uses her ability to go back in time and attempt to save his life. However, it is up to you to figure out how to save him!With multiple endings based on your chosen route and decisions you make along the way, every playthrough can give you a different story, leading to bonus side-stories and romance options with each of the main characters. Otome visual novels are known for their female leads and multiple romantic options, and BUSTAFELLOWS is no exception; take the lead and control your own destiny!Romance 5 dangerous ikemen (cool, good-looking men), unfurling their mysterious and secretive backstories as you develop your bond. 

  • Limbo Fitzgerald, The Crooked Lawyer
  • Shu, the Hitman that Eliminates Hitmen
  • Helvetica, the Appearance Specialist
  • Mozu, the Autopsy Expert
  • Scarecrow, the Self-proclaimed Underground Boss

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