KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, has released their next 4th path update with Aisha’s Wiz Magician, Mystic Alchemist, and Lord Azoth! 

Check out Aisha’s 4th Path Trailer here: 

Unlike her other path, Aisha’s 4th path has more of a scientific approach to it with the art of Alchemy. Combining it with her Magic and even a bit of Chemistry, Aisha’s 4th path will be brewing up a whole slew of concoctions to defeat her foes! 

Aisha’s 4th Path provides numerous benefits to herself and her allies such as Super Armor, Damage Reduction, MP Regeneration, and more with her wide array of Alchemic Skills! By utilizing her Arche system and the powers of Aer, Mater, and Merus, even more benefits can be obtained. But Aisha isn’t going to sit on the backline. Many skills will inflict the Poison status on her enemies, giving them a dose of some painful medicine! 

The events kick off with a free Character Slot Expansion ticket so all players are able to create a new Aisha to try out her 4th path along with other useful items such as Inventory Expansions, or the Crimson Trace or Soul Trace Reset Tickets for Raid Content to obtain the most powerful equipment in the game! 

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