Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch launches its new main storyline, Chapter 5 Cassiel. The brand new chapter features the stories of the floating isles, Cassiel, where an undercurrent of unrest flows. Lots of updates including new features, 4 new Dolls, a new costume and handsome rewards await all players.
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About Chapter 5 Cassiel
The warm-up event is available on January 11th and will end on January 25th, 2022. Players can receive the daily sign-in rewards for seven days. The new chapter and the Unique Equipment sign-in event are unlocked on January 18th, and all players who have cleared Main Story 1-4 can join the event and claim Cynetia’s Unique Equipment. The well-designed costume “To Mother” for Flora has newly arrived. Be sure to check it out.
After players go through the mirror, a new landscape of Cassiel unfolds before their eyes. Players will land on the Lower Domain of Cassiel where people are suffering the oppression of the Upper Domain and the attack by the giant monsters. During the adventure, players will encounter many familiar faces such as Nemesi and Tuonel, knowing deeper about their complex experiences, and helping the Lower Domain to eliminate monsters and win back their autonomy.

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Brand New Features
The update also brings in the “Unique Equipment”, which grants players more chances to strengthen their beloved Dolls’ skills and enhance their attributes. Additionally, the new feature “Path Not Taken” with 3 modes is introduced, where players can choose different difficulty levels to challenge. Through winning the challenges, players can earn scores and claim items related to the “Unique Equipment”. Go for high scores to get awesome rewards.
Four New Dolls
Sher, a UR Brimstone Healer, has stayed in the chapel of the Sanctuary for nearly a century. Her skills enable her to restore the allies’ Health, grant them a shield and increase their attack. With her support, the whole team can increase their endurance when in a fight.
Catherine, a UR Brimstone Guardian, is a heroine who stood up to fight against her country’s invaders. She saved people from despair, bringing glory and honor back to her homeland once again. As a Guardian, she owns the skills that help increase her defense and redirect the damage intended for her allies to herself. When she holds the war banner high, all allies will get their attack increased.
Datheios, an SSR Mercury Mage, is an enforcer from the Sanctuary, as well as the most revered inquisitor. His skill allows him to consume all Order Energy to deal Magic Damage to a single target. Moreover,  he has a powerful skill that allows him to gain a shield and increase Magic Damage both.
Dana, an SR Mercury Mage, is the goddess worshiped by the creatures of the Elf Lakeside, and also the leader of the High Elves. She can attack the target in the front row 5 times and increase the Magic Damage taken by the target. In addition, she may have a 100% chance to cleanse negative effects from all allies when her Order skill is activated.
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