Start a new life in the small community of a gorgeous valley and make new friends while searching for immortality

Shun the world’s uproar and enjoy a peaceful, idyllic existence, searching within your soul for enlightenment: Immortal Life invites you to a small blooming village in Ancient China, where you will become a novice soul cultivator, choosing how to spend your days in your search for immortality. 2P Games and Yifang Studios announce that the farming and social simulator RPG Immortal Life will come to Steam Early Access later this year
Immortal Life immerses players in a magic world, inspired by Chinese Taoist fantasy where cultivation clans search for wisdom and balance to reach immortality. Fleeing the destruction of your old sect, you join a young community in a breathtakingly beautiful valley, where you are tasked with taking care of the crops. There are new brothers and sisters for you to meet, and sometimes they will need your help. The path to immortality rests in your heart as much as in your hands. Will you walk it in seclusion, or will you spend your years helping others until your time comes?

2P Games officially presented the social simulator at the Indie Live Expo 2021, a Japanese games exhibition that took place digitally this weekend. In addition, they prepared a short video to introduce Li Meng Qing, one of the villagers that players will find in the game from the very start.

ABOUT IMMORTAL LIFEImmortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game where you play as a member of a waning cultivation sect. Fleeing the destruction of your community, you discover a breathtaking valley where a young community welcomes you with open arms. You are tasked with taking care of the crops – but often, people will need a pair of extra hands to collect different kinds of raw materials, hunt more food, or build new facilities.

And the more you help your brothers and sisters, the stronger your relationship with them will become – as they open to you, you will get new items, missions and skills. Strengthening your bounds with the whole community, and finding happiness in it, is as important to your spiritual growth as successfully managing your village. The path to immortality lies in your heart as much as in your hands.


  • Help your brethren in making your new home prosper and flourish. Farm and hunt, learn to trade, build new facilities and much more!
  • Improve your relationship with other members of your new community to unlock interesting new missions, abilities, and objects.
  • Explore a huge map, a breathtaking valley sculpted in beautiful 2.5D consisting of four areas, and learn all its secrets.
  • Experience life in the valley along the four seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), each of them with its own special crops and unique events.
  • Choose freely how to spend your days in the Valley. Find the right balance between reaching your goals as a cultivator and enjoying an idyllic country life in this small paradise.
  • Live a long-term adventure to restore the status of a lost clan of soul cultivators and live the Chinese religion and mythology like never before.

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