On May 1st, Child-Dream released an English version of the remake of “Scar of the Doll,” an indie visual novel that is considered a pioneering work from 1998, for Steam. The game, which gained popularity in Japan, has been fully remade after 24 years. Currently, the game is available at a discounted price of 990 yen, 34% off until May 13th to celebrate the release.

Scar of the Doll: A Psycho-Horror Story about the Mystery of an Older Sister



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[Game introduction]
A pioneering indie Visual Novel returns after 24 years.
Where the missing sister has disappeared to?

Scar of the Doll is an original psycho-suspense Visual Novel produced by Child-Dream in 1998, when became an exceptional hit. With its psychologically compelling horror elements and highly dramatic scenario, the game became a hot topic of discussion, including a feature in a mystery magazine, becoming a pioneer in the indie adventure genre.

[Remake on Switch]
-Additional content for the second half of the story has been added. In addition, a zapping scenario from different sub-character points of view has been introduced.
-All graphics, including characters and stills, have been renewed.
-The horror elements can be turned on and off, so those who do not like horror can enjoy the game with comfort.

The contact with her big sister who is studying at a graduate school in Tokyo has been cut off altogether. Becoming worried about her big sister, Asumi Kamijo, the younger sister of the two, decides to go to Tokyo to ascertain her safety.
However, as she arrives there are no traces left of her big sister, not in her apartment and not in her laboratory. Asumi is at a loss.

What in the world happened to her sister…? Asumi is determined to track down her big sister though she has no way of knowing what impending horrors will await her.

[Child-Dream / Mista Stories, Ltd. ]
Since 1997, the Company has been producing PC games, mainly RPGs and adventure games with an emphasis on storytelling, which have been a big hit. Then, it became a corporation.
Mista, the representative, is in charge of the scenario for Folklore (PS3).