Lesquin, 17 June 2021 – The time has come for adventurers to play their trump card! Roguebook, the roguelike deckbuilder developed by Abrakam Entertainment and co-designed by Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The GatheringTM, is now available on Steam.  

Roguebook takes place in the fantasy world of Faeria. You must build a team of two heroes and battle the legends of the Roguebook in tactical turn-based combat. The Roguebook is a cursed book whose existence threatens all living beings.

Build a team of two heroes: each of the four heroes available has their own special cards. You must develop your strategy and play your cards at the best moment and in the right order to create devastating combos or protect your weaker hero.

Upgrade your deck: you can boost the effects of cards by adding gems. You can also transmute your cards to create completely new effects!

Collect as many cards as possible: unlike other games of this type where refining your deck is one of the most common strategies, Roguebook encourages players to build as big a deck as possible to unlock unique skills for your heroes. These skills can be crucial to the success of your quest!

Explore the world in your own way: the chapters of Roguebook are told in a non-linear way. Reveal areas of the map with the ingenious ink system and explore as much of the map as possible to unearth all its treasures!

Every run counts: in true roguelike fashion, you must start from the beginning after a defeat. But you become more powerful with each run thanks to the new cards, skills and permanent upgrades you have unlocked!
Roguebook is now available on Steam
The game will arrive later on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo SwitchTM

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About Abrakam Entertainment
ABRAKAM ENTERTAINMENT is the AA Video Game Developer of the successful PC strategy game ‘Faeria,’ which launched in 2017 to 85% positive Steam reviews and praise from critics and major influencers. With their own tools and a very dedicated team, ABRAKAM has the ability to develop innovative strategy games efficiently. Roguebook, a roguelike card game, is their next next major title to be launched on PC and Consoles.

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