Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch brings a brand new event – Phantom Mirror of Stars. In the event, a mirror appears in the main city, providing players access to a world of twinkling stars where they can dive into some unknown secrets behind the Witch. There are also brand new Dolls, costumes, and new furniture set up for grabs.

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About Phantom Mirror of Stars
In this event, the Witch enters into a starry world through a strange mirror, where she encounters her companions. Guided by the unknown whispers of a girl, they finally find 7 mirrors. Players who participate in the event can explore another story hidden behind the mirror world, and obtain resources and Stars (event currency) by clearing event stages. The Stars can be used at the time-limited event shop to redeem various rewards including new SSR Doll Acheronte and pieces of new furniture set.

New Dolls
There are 3 newly-released Dolls, Nannar, Metamorphoses and Acheronte, each with different battle traits. Among them, Acheronte is a free Doll that can be redeemed in the event shop with Stars (event currency).

Event Rewarded SSR Doll: Acheronte, Bard of the Deceased. She is a fallen angel governing the River of the Underworld. Acheronte is a SSR Mage unit. Her normal skill deals magic damage to all enemies and increases their magic damage taken. Her chaos skill deals magic damage to all enemies per second. Besides, her damage will increase after the first 30 seconds of each combat.
UR Doll: Nannar, Guard of the Mirror. Nannar is a shy Doll who will hide in the mirror when seeing strangers. On the battlefield, she serves as a UR Guardian. When she activates her normal skill, she will gain a shield and absorb all the damages taken by her allies. In addition, she can deal magic damage to all enemies, dispel enemies’ buffs and reduce their magic defense when her chaos skill is used.
UR Doll: Metamorphoses, Dominator of Souls. The Phantom Mirror of Stars event also involves another UR Doll Metamorphoses, who makes other people’s souls into masks. With different masks, she could acquire various emotions. During the combat, she is a Compeller who can apply different buffs to all allies by switching the mask when using her normal skill. Her chaos skill can deal physical damage to all enemies, and increase all allies’ damage or healing effect of the next active skills.
New Arrivals at Shop
The event also launches new costumes Nannar-Dream and Nemesi-Idyllic Vacation. Pieces of the new event-themed furniture set will be available at the shop. Please note that some pieces of this set can be redeemed in the event shop, so don’t forget to join the event if you want to collect the whole set!

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