Aug 27, 2021 – Shanghai, China – After opening its pre-registration, the new pixel art RPG for mobile, Revived Witch, continues to announce its closed beta test for EN server is set to launch in September. The CBT sign-ups now begin, inviting players to embark on a journey of twisted fantasies and uncover the secrets behind the world’s interlacement. Tons of special rewards including more than 100 summons in total, an SSR doll, and an EX doll await.
The Times for Closed Beta Tests Are as Follows:
Closed Beta SignUp Period: Aug. 27 7:30 a.m.-Sept.12 23:59 p.m (UTC-7)
Closed Beta Period: Sept.15 10:00 a.m.-Sept. 23 04:00 a.m. (UTC-7)
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CBT Exclusive Rewards
To enable CBT players to fully dive into the wizarding world and explore further game features, abundant in-game resources and rewards are prepared. With more than 100 summons, participants gain more chances to meet their beloved dolls and unlock characters’ L2D motions.
Here are the CBT rewards to expect:

  • CBT Login Rewards: 2 Large Soul Cryolite  (20-time Summons)
  • Daily Magic Supply: 1 Large Soul Cryolite and 4 Stamina Elixir Daily
  • 7-Day login Rewards: (Login for 7 days to get a total of 15 summons and an SSR character: Arcana)
  • Unique Avatar Frame at official launch when players clear Chapter 2-13
  • Secret EX Doll (Limited) at official launch when players clear Chapter 3-18

How to Register for CBT
Android players can register with their Email accounts on Revived Witch Website, reminders will be sent to the players before CBT begins. All players who successfully registered will participate in the closed beta test for free on September 15th.
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