Aug 24, 2021 – Shanghai, China –  The new pixel art RPG for mobile, Revived Witch is making another step forward towards its global launch. Revived Witch pre-registration is now open for both Android and iOS. All Players will get multiple awards after launch. There is also an SSR character to receive once the registration hits 100,000.

Click Here for the Pre-registration

Global pre-registration opens at 19:30 on August 23rd(UTC-7), with in-game rewards awaits for all players once a certain milestone has been achieved. Here are the rewards to expect:

10,000 registrations – Mana x 150,000 and Stamina Elixir x 2
30,000 registrations – Soul Cryolite x 5
60,000 registrations – Large Soul Cryolite x 1(Ten-time Summons)
100,000 registrations – A SSR Healer Doll, Warped Hymn-Cynetia

Check out The Gameplay PV: 

Players will start their journey in the chaotic chrono space and unveil mysteries behind the world’s interlacement. Different puzzles are embedded in the changing scenarios, grating players with more entertaining elements during their expedition. When encountering enemies, players will enter the real-time combat system, mastering the power of Order and Chaos to defeat their enemies. The Pixel Adventure RPG also adopts an art style that combines 2D pixel art and 3D lighting, sowing the seeds of a new modern pixel-art genre and granting players an immersive gaming experience.

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