Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch is jumping into the hustle and bustle of Spring Festival with a new event “Budding Fortune”. It brings a bunch of new content including two new Dolls, a new costume for Mineer and other new activities with multiple rewards to kick off the celebration.
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About “Budding Fortune”
The celebration event “Budding Fortune” starts on January 25th and will end on February 15th. During this period, three Bosses of Spook and one Final Boss of Spring Festival Beast Nian appear in this fantasy world. All players can participate in the Beast Strike event and fight against those Bosses to obtain victory rewards.
Besides, a Spring Festival Check-in Event is available between January 25th and February 15th, bringing Runestones, Stamina Flasks, Stamina Elixirs, Advanced Skill Pacts, Soul Cryolites and an event costume Festive Mood for Kyphon.
In addition, from February 1 to February 8, players can obtain Spring Festival Red Envelopes daily for 7 days. By completing the quests on the commission board and reaching activeness, players can claim an extra Spring Festival Red Envelope daily.
New Dolls
With Spring Festival on its way, two new Dolls go into the festive town and enjoy the holiday spirit:
Princess of Memory – Tuonel of Night is a Mercury UR Guardian. Her first skill applies a Shield to all allies to increase their Attack and Health. Her second skill grants her ability to apply Stun and Awe effects to the targets while dealing Magic damage.
Spring Beast – Kapla, as a Saltstone UR Destroyer, can hit the enemy in the front row twice with Physical damage and apply a Battle Ready Buff to self. Moreover, with another skill, she can reduce the Physical defense of enemies and apply a Shield to herself.
From January 25th to February 1st, UR Tuonel of Night and UR Mineer are available respectively in Dreamland Summon as well as Awakening Summon. From February 1st to February 11th, UR Kapla will appear in Dreamland Summon.
New Arrivals at the Shop
During the celebration period, a new costume “Spring Orchid” for Mineer comes to the shop. And a bunch of packs is also introduced, including Festive Gift and Shop Packs.Follow Revived Witch
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