We’re excited to announce that heartfelt and visually stunning platformer Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey is coming soon to Nintendo Switch, available digitally on Thursday, July 15th. Macrotis was originally developed by Proud Dinosaurs, with Eastasiasoft Limited porting for additional platforms. Pricing is set at US$11.99/€11.99 to match previous digital versions on PS4 and Xbox One. An additional 20% launch discount will be available for 3 weeks following release.

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About Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey

Macrotis is the story of a mother’s relentless search for her missing children, an emotional tale told through lush 2.5D platforming filled with thought-provoking puzzles. Climb, jump and gnaw your way through beautiful yet dangerous environments, avoid traps and use water physics to your advantage. As you progress, you’ll gain a variety of natural and supernatural abilities to overcome the obstacles in your path.

For more information, please visit:
•    Game details: eastasiasoft.com/games/Macrotis-A-Mothers-Journey