June 24, 2021 – Shanghai, China – Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane is launching the Swirling Cherry Blossoms Rerun, a returning event featuring 2 new Sakura Empire characters on top of the six shipgirls who are already present in the initial event. Additionally, 13 skins ranging from school uniforms to  Sakura Empire style clothings, new furniture sets and a portrait frame will also make an appearance for a limited time.

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Event Ships and Rewards

The Swirling Cherry Blossoms Rerun Event starts on June 24 and ends on July 7. After a lapse of nine months, the Sakura Empire once again ushers in an update, bringing two new characters, super rare shipgirl Kazagumo and elite shipgirl Shirayuki. The newly added characters are having a limited-time rate up in the construction pool alongside popular returning characters, Suruga, Noshiro, Ryuuhou, Kasumi, Hibiki and Kinu. Commanders who missed the initial event still have a chance to get these shipgirls for the time being. Both Noshiro and Kinu are not rated up in the construction pool, they can be obtained in the event shop. Additionally, Noshiro is available as a drop in event maps.

Players also can fully limit break the event characters and complete missions using phase 1 characters (Akatsuki, Shigure, Shoukaku, Atago) to accumulate enough points to receive the limited portrait frame, Sakura Ceremony.

Moreover, for the 1st clear each day of A and B maps, triple points will be rewarded, while C and D maps will reward double points. Additionally, now EX map requires completion of the SP map to enter.

Event Shop and Skins

In this update, the new furniture  set takes place at Manjuu High School and is available for a limited time. As for skins, 8 brand new skins have arrived, all of which are in school uniform style, fitting for the campus atmosphere. The event also brings back 5 highly-requested skins, ‘Firebird’s New Year Dance (L2D)’ for Ryuuhou, ‘ Uncharted Festival Grounds (L2D)’ for Noshiro, and three additional skins that are Kimono-themed.

Players can also earn 2 rental outfit vouchers when they log in Azur Lane during the event. Each voucher can be used on the following skins: ‘After-School Melody’ for Kazegumo, ‘At School with Foo’ for Kasumi and ‘Shopping Carte Blanche’ for Cassin.     

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