LINE Games announced a massive renewal update for its cross-platform (mobile/PC (Steam)) Defense game Guardian Chronicle: Gate of Lanium, developed by Pixel Cruise, on this coming January 27th.
From the collected feedback from players, Guardian Chronicle will carry out massive renewal update on January 27 to introduce ▶New illustrations for 70 characters ▶Story Mode ▶Renewed character build system ▶New Intimacy system and character Scout ceiling. The update will also bring new Guardians ‘John’ and ‘Maria’, along with two new Skins.
First, the previous SD character designs will be replaced with more sophisticated illustrations with Live2D animation. The game’s overall UI design will also be enhanced to match the new illustration style.
The update will also bring a new single player content ‘Story Mode’, in which players can explore the world of Guardian Chronicle by clearing each episode.
Also, the characters will get their own voice lines and players will be able to check their background stories through the new Intimacy system. Scout system will be improved with a new ceiling system for better character acquisition.
More information on Guardian Chronicle can be checked out at its official website and YouTube Channel.

Service / DevelopmentLINE Games
Pixel Cruise
GenreMulti Tower Defense
PlatformAOS / iOS
PC (Steam)
Service History2021.3.25 Grand Launch

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