Combat and cosmetic equipment are now organized separately, decoration menu and beauty shop have been combined and streamlined.

La Tale, the long-running fantasy MMORPG, is launching the Knossos update on March 17th (CET). Customizing your character’s appearance is easier than ever, with the decoration menu and beauty shop now combined into one convenient screen. In turn, combat equipment is now organized separate from fashion. Asma’s Blushes now have a new equip slot, and the Handkerchief and some Guild accessories have been changed into Insignia 1 and 2, opening new equip options for stockings and earrings.

Along with the interface update, the Knossos area has been revealed. The Felisians, Knossos’ catlike inhabitants, need your help with cleansing the ‘Stopped Heart’. Knossos is a high-level area and contains two dungeons: Heart of Reminiscence, and Acro Coffin, which contain treasures such as Badge 1, 3, or 5, or a Brooch.

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