HeroCraft PC invites all cat-lovers to play the brand new Christmas-themed demo of Catizens, a colony management simulator where you watch over and guide a settlement of catventurers.
The festive Catizens demo is available on Steam from today as part of a limited-time event. It will only be downloadable for the next few days.

The demo features a bite-sized campaign spread across several levels, occasional snowfall, plenty of Christmas trees, and unique quests. Players can explore most of the final game’s mechanics, such as creating unique catizens, designing perfect homes, managing settlements, and exploring the wilderness while fighting off some of the terrible creatures.

Catizens is developed by Bad Optics, a small development studio based in the US. The game is published by HeroCraft PC and set to release on Steam next year.

About HeroCraft PC
HeroCraft PC is a subdivision of HeroCraft—an established developer and publisher of high-quality games, such as King of Dragon PassTempest, and the recently-released Gravewood High (Steam). The company’s portfolio comprises over 10 games with a focus on role-playing, action and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is launching several games soon, including Anvil Saga (Steam), Revival: Recolonization (Steam), Catizens (Steam) and Organs Please (Steam).

About Bad Optics Games
A US-based indie studio working on their debut project, Catizens. The team is led by Yang Shan, who brings a wealth of video game development experience. She previously worked on The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as a gameplay engineer.

HeroCraft PC PR Manager
Sergey Ulankin

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