PRAGUE, June, 23rd, 2021—Wekthor Games has announced its first PC title: “Dragon’s Wandering Tavern,” for Windows desktop PCs.
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Wander the ever-shifting forest as Dangoru the Dragon Merchant in a Studio Ghibli-inspired peaceful Roguelite-like fantasy management game. Craft enchanted items, brew magical potions, and cook delicious meals for your friends; assemble a family of cute and quirky creatures who will join you on your adventure.
You’ll go on an epic quest carrying Chompy the Chest on your back, your own all-in-one portable expanding storage system: a backpack, a potion and crafting workshop, and a home for you and the companions you find along your way. Together with your companion, you’ll travel the mythical Wandering Forest, using the mysterious Shard of Elderlight to help the lost creatures you meet. But be wary—there’s an imbalance in the forest, and it changes every night. Nothing is ever in the same place when the sun rises…
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Availability and system requirements: Dragon’s Wandering Tavern is planned for a Q4 2021 release, and will run on Windows PC.
About Wekthor Games
Founded in 2018, Wekthor is a mix of industry veterans and new faces with over ten years of game development experience. At the core, they want to make unique, fun worlds that people want to spend time in, while exploring mature themes and stories . Visit them online at:
Press info: Press kit with screenshots and video available at: PressKit