Tampere, Finland June 14th, 2021: Today indie developer Random Potion is pleased to announce the start of a crowdfunding campaign for their next title, Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress!

Random Potion are seeking a modest goal of £40,000 at Kickstarter, and have released a demo of the game for would-be backers to sample before pledging! The game features a distinct storyline and features unique qualities that’s sure to please RPG and visual novel lovers alike!

“I’m excited to continue the story and have the ability to flesh out the characters from the original game. The battle system also gets an overhaul and a lot of added depth, something I’ve already done with previous games like Rimelands and Trulon, both of which received a lot of praise for their combat mechanics.” Arto Koistinen, Lead Designer.

“Funding the game via Kickstarter gives us a direct line to the players and complete creative freedom, which is useful when dealing with a game as quirky as Ignis Universia. Transparency and communication are important to us and we’ll be in contact with the backers throughout the project.” 

Players will explore, talk to NPCs and solve tricky puzzles – each of the Chosen Sisters possess unique powers that players will utilize, as they progress through the game and its unique and quirky storyline.


  • Straightforward but tactical 100% turn-based battle system
  • Lovable, 4th wall breaking cast of characters
  • Story that parodies and references the genre, other fiction and music but also has a serious side
  • Cute summonable creatures

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a fun and quirky love letter to classic JRPG and Visual Novels. Players take control of the Chosen Sisters and attempt to save the world from a cataclysmic catastrophe at the hands of Wizardess Galgatax and her army of undead unicorns! In this top-down 3D adventure, players explore the world of Ignis Universia, battle enemies, engage in a tongue-in-cheek storyline, and even summon a Cerberus Corgi and other cute summons to aid in battle!

About Random Potion
Random Potion is an indie studio that hails from Tampere, Finland and was founded in 2017. The team specialize in games that feature strong narratives and charming visuals. Having released “The Dark Eye – Book of Heroes”, they are set to release their next commercial title, Ignis Universia on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The company currently employs five developers who have over 25 years of combined game industry experience, complete with several game releases such as Rimelands – Hammer of Thor, Trulon – The Shadow Engine, Trouserheart, Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Urban Empire, Rescue Everyday Heroes 2, and 2013.