To Celebrate Launch, My Time At Portia is Available at Limited-Time-Only Special Discount Price, Along with Exclusive Mobile ”Housewarming” Gifts

Launch Trailer: 

August 4, 2021 — Pathea Games and Pixmain are inviting players to pack their bags for a charming post-apocalyptic trip to the town of Portia in the hit game, My Time at Portia, which launched today on mobile devices. After selling over two million copies worldwide on PC and console, and becoming one of the most popular games on Steam, My Time at Portia is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a variety of mobile-exclusive content and upgrades. To celebrate the launch, My Time at Portia is available for this week only at a special price of $5.99 USD for iOS and $5.49 for Android (normally $7.99 USD), and players who download the game will receive mobile exclusive “housewarming gifts” for a limited time promotion. 

During over 100 hours of engaging gameplay, players will travel to the beautiful town of Portia, where they are tasked with restoring the glory of human civilization on an unfamiliar land. In the process of becoming a seasoned builder, players will form bonds with the townsfolk and understand the buried truth of this post-apocalyptic world.

Pathea Games handled the port of the game to mobile through over a year of testing and iterations, ensuring the most authentic gameplay experience for fans of the original title. To support on-the-go gameplay, many of the original features are optimized to save time and maximize player enjoyment on a portable, smaller screen, helping builders speed up their pace and develop their dream town faster. Additionally, to help players progress more comfortably and complete tasks more conveniently, the mobile app features item tracking, task tracking, and auto way-finding. Players will also experience new manual and auto-save functions to ensure a smooth portable gaming experience as players are transported into the town of Portia anytime, anywhere. 


Caption: A semi-transparent user interface as well as retrievable quick bar and task bar to ensure that even on a 5-inch screen, it does not seem cluttered

Caption: Item-Tracking – If you’re ever feeling lost when crafting, you can easily track what you’re missing with item tracking.

Caption: Automatic Wayfinding – Not great with directions? No problem! These will help you navigate an open world map much faster as you’ll be at your destination in no time!

Caption: Rewards are now open as you unlock achievements! Don’t let your hard work go wasted!

Additional game features: 

  • Enjoy the fun of building and operating a 3D workshop: Gather materials from every corner of the map, and experience the joys of progressing and transforming from manual labor to industrialized automation. As the latest builder in town, take up new responsibilities and contribute to the town of Portia and its people by honing your craftsmanship. From a basic sewing machine to a high-tech flying seat, players must build everything with their own hands. If players wish to develop animal husbandry, they can adopt an alpaca!
  • Become friends… or fall in love with fellow Portians: The town of Portia has over 50 interactable non-player characters (NPCs). Develop and deepen your relationships with them, and they may provide players with unexpected assistance. Players can swing or ride a hot air balloon with their favorite NPC to strengthen the bonds of their relationships. When everything falls into place, players can tie the knot, have children, and experience the hard work and joys of parenthood.
  • Engage in challenging battles and embark on adventures: Hone fighting skills, defeat terrifying monsters of post-apocalyptic ruins, and unearth the truth of the former world buried beneath.
  • Receive exclusive mobile-only items: A limited-time offer for players that download the game the first week! Players will receive a special mystery gift box from the game’s sequel, My Time at Sandrock, as well as items designed exclusively for mobile such as a brand new swimwear set, massage chair, and mushroom cabin. New players on mobile will also get a chance to receive three gacha boxes that only reveal a surprise item upon opening.

My Time at Portia is available in 13 languages including English, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and traditional and simplified Chinese. The game is recommended for mobile devices with RAM>3GB for iOS and Android to ensure the best experience on mobile, and devices such as: 

  • iOS (iPhone 7 and above, iPad Pro 3 and above, iPad mini 5 and above, iPad Air 3 and above, and iPad 2019 and above)
  • Android (Android 9 and above, RAM>3GB)

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Melinda Kang – Pixmain 

About My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is a role-playing simulation adventure game inspired by the likes of Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud 2 and the magic of Studio Ghibli. It is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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