KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of the popular free-to-play Mobile RPG GrandChase, is releasing a brand-new world, the Spirit World, on February 9th, 2022 with an update that vastly improves player progression.
The GrandChase explores the Spirit World in order to find Tia, the Ice Dragon. In a world full of dragons and spirits, they find out that the Spirit World is collapsing, and it is up to the GrandChase and Tia to save her homeworld from the Demon God, Heitaros. Find out more about the Spirit Lords and what the Demon God is planning in GrandChase’s 11th Adventure World, the Spirit World.
To prepare new players for their adventure, the Titanic Growth system will be added, allowing players to choose a hero they want to easily grow to Chaser Rank 20. Players will receive growth materials like Chaser Cubes, Chaser Crystals, and Awakening Cubes to power up their chosen heroes for their adventure.
In addition, several events are being released to assist the new adventurers. Participate in the Challenge! World 11 event to receive various rewards like a SR Hero Summon Ticket and Soul Imprint Cubes. In the Valentine Chocolate event, completing special missions will provide materials to make chocolate, which you can gift to your favorite heroes to earn Soul Imprint Cube Select Ticket and more.
Check out GrandChase today and set foot in the new adventure – The Spirit World.
To learn more about GrandChase, please visit https://en.grandchase.net/pc/ and keep watching the official Moot page here https://moot.us/lounges/401/.