KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of the free-to-play mobile RPG game GrandChase, is launching its biggest event of the year “Aernas Prayer Ceremony” from January 18th, 2022 to February 1st, 2022.
The Holy Kingdom of Roose hosts the Aernas Prayer Ceremony, a ritual to purify Soul Stones and bless the pilgrims who search for them.  The ceremony is held every year to commemorate the Goddesses who graced their land, believing that the Goddesses will return once all of the Soul Stones have been collected and purified
In this event, players will receive 30 special summons each day for logging in, totaling 420 summons. Additionally, a new set of hero avatars, Pilgrim Avatars, is being released to customize their favorite character’s looks! Players can receive up to 4 of these avatars for free by logging in, and obtain more by obtaining keys through Adventure Dungeons.
Complete the Soul Stone missions to learn more about the Aernas Prayer Ceremony, and receive SR rank 5 Star Hero Summon Tickets. Players will be rewarded with an additional 100% Hero EXP and gold though Adventure Dungeons during the event period, with even more bonuses during the weekend.
Check out GrandChase today for the upcoming Event – The Aernas Prayer Ceremony and more.
To learn more about GrandChase, please visit http://www.grandchase.net and keep watching the official Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/GrandChaseGlobal/.