KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of the free-to-play action fighting game GrandChase Classic, is releasing a new playable character, “Dio” on December 22. Dio, a demon with noble bloodline, can summon the Soul Reaver, a massive scythe embodying his power, to bring destruction to his enemies.

Unlike other characters, Dio uses the AP(Action Point) System instead of the traditional MP(Mana Point) System, focusing more on obtaining his resources naturally instead of by attacking enemies. But one of the benefits of this system allows Dio to utilize up to 5 skills of his choosing, allowing for nearly endless combinations on what to use. These skills include Specials, skills that provide invulnerability for a higher cost and cooldown, and Techniques, attacks with a low cost and lots of utility, but less damage. Dio will also be able to improve his arsenal and potential with his Skill Tree on each Job Advancement!

For his release, GrandChase Classic is holding a Christmas event from December 22, 2021 to December 28, 2021, giving out daily rewards to players. Players can also find Santa in dungeons to collect Gift fragments to craft costumes for their characters to dress up for the holiday seasons!

Check out GrandChase Classic today for the new character – Dio and more.

To learn more about GrandChase Classic please visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/985810/GrandChase/ and keep watching the official Twitter page here https://twitter.com/grandchase.