– Season 4 ‘Fallen Sky’ now open, with new story, heroes and more.
– Pick up the first mythical hero ‘Frozen Queen Misty’ with increased rate until July 28.
– A chance for players to get a Gold & Black Fatecore Selection Ticket.

Seoul, South Korea – June 25, 2021 – LINE Games Corporation announced that Exos Heroes Season 4 ‘Fallen sky’ has finally arrived with this week’s update.
The new season presents latest episodes in the new nation ‘Phedas’, three extra characters, and the first Mythical Rank Hero ‘Frozen Queen Misty’. Also celebrating the grand Season 4 open, Exos Heroes will carry out a number of events, which will reward all participant with in-game currencies and items, including a Gold Fatecore Selection ticket and more.
Exos Heroes’ fourth Season starting with Chapter 19 is set in a new nation Phedas, where protagonist Zeon meets the hidden organization ‘Shadow Bane’ and its agents ‘Luna’, ‘Melissa’ and ‘Garlond’, These three new heroes are now available for pick up through Chance Increase Recruit, which will run until July 1.
The first Mythical Rank character ‘Frozen Queen Misty’ has been added at Season 4. Misty is a mythical character who appears in the Exos Hereos history. She is known to be the first queen of ‘North von Frosty’ among the seven nations of Exos Heroes. Both ‘Frozen Queen Misty’ and her exclusive Weapon ‘North Frosty Lullaby’ can be picked up with increased chance until July 28.
Celebrating the the new Season, Exos Heroes has prepared two new events.
First players will be rewarded a Gold Fatecore Selection Ticket just logging in to the game until July 28. During the same period, Liffy’s 15 Day Gift event offers a Black Fatecore Selection Ticket along with various in-game items including 800 Xes, 800,000 Gold and more.
For more information on Exos Heroes and its ongoing events, visit the game’s Official Facebook.


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