– Enjoy the Season 4 Eve Party with free 220 recruits, 2000 Xes and more.
– A chance for new and returned players to get a Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket
– Pick up the new Fatecore ‘Fully Bloomed Blue Cotton -Bernavas’ with increased rate until June 17

Seoul, South Korea – June 11, 2021 – LINE Games Corporation announced that Exos Heroes is starting the Season 4 Eve Party for the upcoming new season.
During the Season 4 Eve Party, players can participate in the free 220 recruit events, collect over 2000 Xes, and an Orange Fatecore Selection Ticket.
First a free Premium Recruit event offering up to 220 free recruits will run until July 28.
During the same period, players will be rewarded 2000 Xes, 50 Nation Recruit Tickets and more just logging in to the game. Furthermore, Orange Fatecore Selection Ticket will be given as a reward of the 7 Day Gift event.
For new and returning players, there will be a 7-Days Attendance Event which players can achieve a Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket, so check in to the game and get prepare for the upcoming Season 4.
Along with the events, Exos Heroes has added a new Fatecore for its Fated Hero Bernavas‘Fully Bloomed Blue Cotton – Bernavas’and matching Exclusive Weapon ‘Hundred Blooming Flowers’.
The new Fatecore features a young lady version of Bernavas from the parallel world where she was born from a family in charge of Saint West’s royal garments. It’s matching Exclusive Weapon Hundred Blooming Flowers is a parasol sword which was soaked with Bernavas’s tears while it was being forged.
Both the Fatecore Fully Bloomed Blue Cotton – Bernavas and Exclusive Weapon Hundred Blooming Flowers can be picked up with increased chance until June 17.
For more information on Exos Heroes and its ongoing events, visit the game’s Official Facebook.

[EXOS HEROES] Season 4 「FALLEN SKY」 Teaser

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