Get The Savior’s Gang, Super Korotama, and more astonishing indies from $2.99 on Switch

Catness Games celebrates summer with discounts on all its eShop games. Up to 40% off on titles like The Savior’s Gang and the recent Steamroll: Rustless Edition on their Nintendo Switch versions. The offer will be available temporarily until June 21.
The Savior’s Gang will be available for $2.99. It is a religious satire with Pikmin and Fall Guys mechanics. In this hilarious proposal, you will embody the Savior, a peculiar messiah. His death enraged his father, an almighty dove who wants to punish humanity by filling the world with deadly traps. It is up to you to prevent the faithful from falling into these dangers as you guide them through levels riddled with danger. Laughter is guaranteed. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from The Completionist.
The Savior’s Gang – Available on PS4 and PS5
Steamroll: Rustless Edition is available for an all-time low: $6.99. It is a port of the video game developed by Anticto in which Catness has included multiple playable and visual improvements. Thanks to a 30% discount, players have a great opportunity to get aboard the Scarabeus in this steampunk adventure. With its ingenious puzzles, Steamroll: Rustless Edition will captivate puzzle fans.

Thanks to Super Korotamagoing back to your arcade days will be cheaper than ever. Enjoy a game with old-school difficulty for just $2.99. This is a skill-based title where you put a ball in the correct hole without falling into the others. Easy, right? No!. Super Korotama will require all your skill to overcome its different levels.