As part of the Steam Next Festival, OneManOnMars Art & Games sends players on the hunt for the Ancient Monsters with a couch-coop mode that lets everyone join in on the fun!

The Ancient Monsters are loose on Steam as OneManOnMars Art & Games released a new demo this week. Join Leif a boy struggling to be a hero and his super cute ghostly friend as they battle the Ice Golem – Glaciolapis and the Toxic Wanderer – Ignarachna.
A boy never meant to be a hero, learns that pure strength is not always the answer! Guide two completely different characters through the adventure of their lifetime. Combine the unique strengths of both characters to overcome the evil sources of the Netherworld.
In this extended demo players get a sneak peek at 3 of the 6 worlds of the Netherworld.

Start your journey in the hub world of Leif’s Adventure. Ariiobora was built at the foot of the World Tree. Its roots connect the 6 worlds of the Netherworld. Explore the pyramid of Ariiobora and meet the busy townsfolks. Talk to Paadne to buy new potions and visit Meera to buy a new armor set. Learn more about the evil threatening the peace and activate the portals to explore Broken Cave and Red Rock.

Broken Cave will lead the player into the world of the Green Golem. Follow your guide the blue hummingbird and find the Ancient Monster. Be careful not to be lured into her sticky trap that she has spun for you. Your friendly sidekick Ghost loves everything that shimmers blue. Watch out for the shimmering blue light as it will guide you and help you out of tricky situation. Use your environment to your advantage in the battle against the Spider.

Red Rock catapults the player into the depth of a mountain where the Ice Golem awaits them. This ancient monster does not come alone. Once woken it will send an army of Stone monsters after you. Use Ghost to stun your enemies and hit the final blow. Collect the weapons from your defeated enemies and try them out in the next battle. The sword comes in handy for air attacks, whereas the hammer deals a mighty blow.
Collect treasures from your defeated enemies and exchange them for armor and weapons when you return to the hub world Ariiobora.

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