Chef RPG (coming to PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch) is an open world, open-ended simulation game. Gather ingredients, cook, meet locals, and build the restaurant of your dreams! The project is started by Noah, a former architectural designer. Noah runs the YouTube channel “Pixel Architect,” where he makes architecture design tutorials, pixel art timelapses, and game design Devlogs. The game was announced and went live on Kickstarter on November 16, 2021 with a goal of $40000 USD and has since raised $85000 USD after three week. The Kickstarter features unique rewards including exclusive in-game items and beautiful physical art books.

Check out Chef RPG’s official announcement trailer!

Chef RPG is inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s great escape, and games like Stardew Valley, Restaurant City, and Habbo Hotel. It aims to reinvent the cooking genre by adding a heavy focus on open-world exploration and ingredient gathering. A main storyline, unique characters, unlockable player skills, and the RPG game structure are relatively new features in the cooking genre as well.

The world of Chef RPG features a mixture of Asian and Western architecture, combined with elements of cyberpunk. One of the main themes in Chef RPG is the clash between tradition and technology, and this is reflected in both the architecture and the character design. Every corner of the world, from the volcanic wilderness trail, to the futuristic train station of Billboard City, to the famous Bathhouse of White Ash Harbor is designed with good architecture and urban design techniques to maximize player comfort and immersion. Players start in White Ash Harbor, a small seaside town and once flourishing tourist center. As you progress through your journey, help out the locals and revive the town as a tourist hotspot. Build relationships with the delightful characters you meet and unlock the potential for romance!

Above all else, this game is an open-ended RPG. Players can master the culinary arts and create the most delicious dishes for their customers. Or they can choose to become a brave adventurer and impress their customers with rare ingredients. Or maybe, create a network of friends and grow their business through charisma and marketing.
Game Features

  • Beautiful open world to explore featuring 2 major town areas
  • Dozens of possible character builds to create different playstyles
  • Over 100 ingredients and 200 recipes to collect
  • Hundreds of furniture pieces available to decorate your restaurants with
  • Play cooking minigames to cook dishes
  • 5 different restaurant operation modes: restaurant, social house, pub, teahouse, & confectionary
  • Multiple restaurants to unlock and run
  • Main storyline
  • Unique NPCs with side quests
  • Foraging, fishing, & hunting system to gather ingredients in the wild

Check out the links below to see visit the Kickstarter Campaign, or check out Noah’s Youtube Channel where he posts Chef RPG Devlogs and architectural design tutorials!
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