July 8, 2021 – Shanghai, China – Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane is launching its annual event Priority Research Series 4, which introduces 5 new PR ships that will be available for research permanently. Starting from July 8 and ending on July 21, the Crosswave Rerun event will also be making a return. 5 PR ships with powerful skills are introduced, reinforcing the Commanders’ army to fight against Siren. The major update also brings the Comf-Forts, the catch-up system for Priority Research Series 2 and optimized features.
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About Priority Research Series 4
Priority Research is released for the 4th time with 2 features updated, bringing Commanders stronger PR ships and various equipment to strengthen their formations. The Fate Simulation is added for Cheshire, Mainz, Odin and Champagne, and the Catch-Up system for Priority Research Series 2 is implemented. Additionally, Crosswave Rerun will also go live. Commanders will fight against the world boss along with other players and gain contribution points and phase rewards, including the limited equipment, VH Armor Plating.
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New Characters
Five new ship girls have arrived, coming from different factions including Sakura Empire, Iron Blood, Sardegna Empire and Eagle Union.
Hakuryuu, a Decisive Aircraft Carrier from the Sakura Empire. When Hakuryuu is equipped with Fighters, she will fire a barrage every 12s; when it is not, she will shoot a slashing attack following her Airstrike. Moreover, her other skill allows her to increase herAVI and Accuracy or AA and Accuracy depending on the type of planes that are equipped.
Ägir, the Iron Blood’s Decisive Large Cruiser, possesses skills that cause Main Guns to inflict armor break to enemies hit. A special barrage will be triggered for every 8 times when the Main Guns fires. Additionally, when she is equipped with a high-caliber main gun, the number of shots required to fire a special barrage will be reduced.
August von Parseva, a Priority Aircraft Carrier is capable of dealing devastating damage to Light Cruisers and DestroyersShe can activate an additional airstrike and Inflicts Armor Break to all Light and Medium armor enemies.
Anchorage, the newly added Priority Heavy Cruiser has arrived to strengthen the line-up for Eagle UnionThis ship girl deploys a smokescreen and a shield for 5s when she fires torpedoes. The shield helps her to counteract the damage and improve combat endurance.
Marco Polo, the Priority Battleship, embraces the traits that allow her to act as a supporting character that helps her fleet to enhance the AA and EVA, launch supporting barrages and decrease the damage taken by Saredgna Empire ships.
New Comf-Forts Feature
In addition to the updates mentioned above, the event also introduces a new Comf-Forts Feature. When Placing Meowofficers inside Comf-Forts, they will gain experience over time. Interacting with Meowofficers each day will grant rewards including Decor Tokens and Cat Box Quick Finishers.
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