August 13th, 2021 – Shanghai, China – Naval Shoot’ Em up mobile game, Azur Lane held its 3rd Anniversary Livestream on August 10th, with an update of its latest event, Microlayer Medley Rerun. New characters, outfits, furniture sets, multiple rewards and merchandise were shown in the Livestream. A new track “Standing by You” was also released, with 4 popular characters performing live.
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New Soundtrack by Laffey’s band
To celebrate the occasion, Azur Lane released its new soundtrack “Standing by You” produced by Takuya Ohata, in which 4 voice actresses, Naganawa Maria, Fuchigami Mai, Abe Rika and Kakuma Ai offered their performance. Laffey, Admiral Graf Spee, Z23 and Unicorn teamed up for the first time to perform on a CG scene and expressed their gratitude to all Commanders, bringing the livestream to its climax.

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Event Updates and Rewards
Under The Mist Rerun started on August 12th and will end on September 9th, serving as an appetizer for the following events. Commanders can obtain Isokaze’s limited outfit “Sengoku War-Band” by clearing daily missions. The Double Gem Bonus was reset on August 12th, and Commanders that have received  bonus before are now able to enjoy the once-only deal again. In addition, Microlayer Medley Rerun will begin on August 19th with all event maps open and end on September 1st, where new shipgirls, outfits and furniture sets will be available. 

New Characters
The Microlayer Medley Rerun will be inviting Super Rare character “Ingraham” and Elite character “Nautilus” to the fleet. In addition, 7 popular characters including Intrepid, Bremerton, Reno, Bluegill, Copper, Marblehead and Casablanca will be reintroduced to celebrate the Azur Lane 3rd Anniversary. While Bluegill will serve as a milestone reward for Commanders, Super Rare character Bremerton and Rare character Casablanca will be redeemable in the event shop as well as a drop reward in the event map.
Event Skins and Furniture
During the celebration period, North Carolina, Reno, Abercrombie, Ardent, Ingraham and Nautilus will show up in their bunny girl suits to answer Commanders’ everlasting enthusiasm. A new retrofit for Ark Royal was available on the 12th, enabling her to protect more destroyers. 12 well-received skins also return to the event. Don’t miss them again.
New furniture set, Manjuu Frontier Town, with it’s wild west theme has recently arrived. All Furniture Sets that have been put up for sale before May 27th, except the Collaboration Furniture, will all be available for purchase again.
3rd-Anniversary Merch Unveiled
Azur Lane also surprised Commanders with new merch reveals. The 3rd Anniversary Limited Commemoration Box contains a collection of items, including the exclusive 3rd Anniversary Art book, an oath certificate, an oath stamp and an oath ring. The 3rd Anniversary commemorative pin, 3D mouse pads, 3D pin badges and other exclusive merch will soon be released.
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