Jul 30, 2021 – Shanghai, China – Strategic RPG mobile, Arknights is celebrating its global release’s 1.5 anniversary with an update of its side story, Who Is Real. The new event features the traditional ink painting style, leading Doctors into a world of vitality and reality. Arknights also introduces a bunch of new content to show its appreciation to all Doctors’ support during this year and a half. New mechanisms, log-in rewards, free Headhunting Permits, new Operators, traditional Chinese style outfits and a themed furniture set await.
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About Who Is Real
Who is Real is now online, leading Doctors into an ink-painted world. Taking place in Yen, Lava, Kroos and Mr.Nothing embark on a journey to look for Nian’s sister, Dusk. After encountering a series of bizarre phenomenons, they found themselves being drawn into a world full of ink created by Dusk.
Inspired by the Yin-Yang philosophy, the update introduces a new mechanism, the Mark of “Hui and Ming”, conferring Doctors’ buffs or debuffs on certain tiles. New enemies also join in the game, making the event more playable for Doctors.

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1.5 Anniversary & Event Rewards
The 1.5-anniversary event has prepared lots of in-game giveaways. From July 30th, 2021, a free 10-roll headhunting permit and 14 daily log-in pulls will be available. Doctors will get a higher chance to obtain the new operators. Through participating in the Lungmen Lucky Strips event, Doctors will be rewarded with Orundums. The first alternate Operator Lava the Purgatory, Whisperain’s outfit “Tremble Cold” and the “Tan-Ch’ing Court” Furniture set will be redeemable by clearing event stages. Many more free-to-claim rewards await.
New Operators
Four new Operators, Dusk, Saga, Mr.nothing and Lava the Purgatory are available in headhunting. As a 6-star AoE Caster, Dusk can summon a “Freeling” that can increase her attack. Saga, the 6-star vanguard, can restore her hit points and grant herself physical dodge when she is at low HP.  Mr.Nothing, the 5-star specialist, has
the skill that can increase his own attack and stun enemies. The free-to-claim 5-star caster, Lava the Purgatory can envelop her ally and herself in a ring of fire and deal Art Damage to enemies around. 
New Arrival at Store
The following 3 outfits will be on sale, “Unfettered Freedom” for Nian, “Doctor of Faces” for Aak and “Just a Driver” for Hung. A new set of themed Furniture, Tan-Ch’ing Court, will also be available at the Store.
Newly-arrived Soundtrack
In addition to the in-game updates, Arknights also released its new soundtrack teaser Never Give Up produced by StayLoose in the 1.5 Anniversary Livestream. Sihan Lin, an independent visual artist who has been nominated for several Art Awards, participated in the production and direction of the music video.

Check out the music video teaser

New Merch Unveiled
Arknights also surprises Doctors with its Merch launches. Character Pin Sets, a Roaring Flare Mouse Pad, two Acrylic Standee Sets and special event-themed items will be online soon. Check it out. 
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