KEMCO proudly announces the release of the physical packages of Alphadia Genesis 1 & 2 and Alphadia Genesis 2 available through Limited Run Games. The games are made available for Nintendo Switch™ since March 22nd and for PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 on April 1st. Standard price is $39.99 for Alphadia Genesis 1 & 2 (Switch), and $29.99 for Alphadia Genesis 2 (PS5/PS4). For more information, please visit
 Alphadia Genesis

Having been at peace for only 15 years since the end of the Energi War, the kingdoms of Archleign and Ghalzabine are once again thrust onto center stage after a murder perpetrated by a clone comes to light.
Hoping the treaty signed to end the use of clones for conventional warfare has not been violated, a joint-investigative team is put together to find out the cause and bring those responsible to justice. However, the adventure appears to be far more volatile than anyone could have first imagined…
 Alphadia Genesis 2

While claiming to protect its citizens, the Empire has launched a ruthless campaign against the Atramian population—those said to be infected with black energi and whose existence they deem to be a threat to the world. Discover the true face of evil in this next chapter of the Alphadia series, a story filled with belief, sacrifice, revenge, and ultimately hope!
 ESRB Rating

Alphadia Genesis – ESRB Teen: Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes | In-Game Purchases
Alphadia Genesis 2 – ESRB Teen: Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes | In-Game Purchases

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