Tourdog Studio is proud to announce the next exciting event for its popular mobile RPG Alchemy Stars — Sands of Time! From December 23, all Navigators will be called to join the story of Bethlehem, Queen of the North, as her tale unfolds across new limited-time stages. Along the way, they’ll have a chance to earn exclusive rewards and recruitment opportunities with iconic Aurorians, including Bethlehem herself. 

Alchemy Stars continues to rise in popularity, and has recently surpassed 16 million registered users worldwide, further solidifying itself as one of the leading titles in the genre. The game has won the Google Play Best of 2021 end-of-year award in India, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

The Sands of Time event is split into two thrilling phases — the Northland Journey stages and the Trial of the Aurora stages. Navigators will also gain access to a special minigame, Lake Mirror Codeword, where they’ll need to answer a series of tricky questions to win all the possible awards. When Navigators clear stages or satisfy certain requirements during the event, they’ll earn Mistletoe, which can be redeemed at the limited-time Cedar Market for rewards like the new 5-Star Aurorian Lola and her Solambers. The Northland Journey and Trial of the Aurora stages will be available until January 10, while the Lake Mirror Codeword minigame and the Cedar Market will run till January 13. After the event ends, surplus Mistletoe will be automatically converted into Nightium at a rate of 1:15.

A limited-time Sign-In Event will persist throughout the Sands of Time. Starting December 23, players who log in for consecutive eight days will receive a daily reward, including Mistletoe, Lumamber, Nightium and 5-Star Aurorian Robyn – who is also being added to the mainstay recruitment pool. And don’t forget to head to the store to claim your free gift pack and check out additional discounted gift packs and kits. 

New Limited-time Aurorians: Bethlehem and Novio
The Sands of Time will offer limited-time recruitment of powerful new Aurorians, adding more vibrant characters to an already diverse cast of heroes. Their signature abilities, bespoke character models, stunning battle animations and killer wardrobes are yours to acquire. Who will you recruit? 

  • Bethlehem: The limited edition 6-Star Queen of the North can only be obtained during the Sands of Time event. This assured member of the Northland Royal Family inspires loyalty across the land from her devoted subjects. 
  • Novio: Encounter the solitary aesthete during the limited-time Healing Flame recruitment event. When recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian, there’s a 50% chance it will be him — if he can be pried away from his pet rabbits, of course. 

Game Changers: New Minimum Guarantee Recruitment Mechanism, Carrier Optimization and a Simulation Room Update

Great news, Navigators! We’re improving the recruitment experience so that you can find the featured 6-Star Aurorians during limited-time events. Beginning on December 23 with the Sands of Time event, a new minimum guarantee mechanism will ensure that if the featured 6-Star Aurorian is not obtained within two consecutive attempts, the next 6-Star Auorian will be. 

Additionally, we’ve made adjustments to the Carrier so all Navigators can better realize its value. The Carrier’s scope has been widened to include the Main Story stages and Resource stages. Up to two Carriers can be used at the same time in one battle, and a total of 10 carriers can be used at the same time in five consecutive battles. However, Carriers can only be used in auto battles, not manual battles, and its automatic combat routines can be changed in a new settings panel, with the old Carrier check button being retired. To complement these new changes, we’re significantly increasing the resource station’s storage limit and its basic recovery speed.

Finally, the Simulation Room is becoming a permanent addition to the Colossus! Expect the gameplay to be a continued Command Archives of the Aurora Aeterna limited-time event. The new room can manufacture and store the Data Disks Navigators will use to open different Command Archives. Train your command skills and earn rewards as you upgrade the Situation Room over time.

New Outfits and Special Event Book Phase 4 Are Headed Your Way!
The Sands of Time event has unlocked new outfits for some of your favorite Aurorians! 

  • 6-Star Aurorian Victoria — Mirror Mirror (Purchase with Lumocrystals)
  • 6-Star Aurorian Gronru — Naughty or Nice (Purchase with Star Flares until Dec 31, and Lumocrystals afterword)

If you have already cleared the Main Story stages 1-16, you’ll unlock Special Event Book Phase 4, which will guide you through several in-game quests with exciting rewards! There’s a free Standard Edition of the Special Event Book, but we’re also offering Elite and Deluxe Editions as paid versions. Within the Special Event Books, you’ll have a chance to earn:

  • 4-Star Aurorian Nails — The Stoic Coachman (Outfit)
  • 5-Star Aurorian Areia — Night to Remember (Outfit)
  • Magical Crystal Slippers — Limited-Edition Furniture (Standard Edition)
  • Red Riding Hood Hanger — Limited-Edition Furniture (Elite or Deluxe Edition)
  • Dragon of Winter — Limited-Edition Furniture (Elite or Deluxe Edition)
  • Floral — Avatar Frame (Deluxe Edition)

New Community Activations
Between December 23 and January 5, all Navigators are invited to join us in a Meme Contest, where they can use a special template created for them to write their holiday wishes – the lucky ones might see their wish come true!    

Additionally, we will be hosting an MMD Dance Contest with a TikTok challenge – more details about this event will be released soon. 

Alchemy Stars is available worldwide on iOS and Android. For more information and updates about the game, check out our FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.   

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