Postknight 2 is officially released and available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! The sequel to an award-winning game loved by more than 10 millions players, Postknight 2 reimagines the RPG genre once more with addictive bite-sized content, intuitive gameplay, and lots of character!

Enroll into the Postknight Organisation and deliver to vivid individuals, each with their own wishes and struggles. As you deliver precious goods, you will also deliver inspiration and hope. Many features, locations, and characters loved by fans of the first Postknight game make their return, improved upon and with more stories to tell in the Prism world, seven years after the first game.

Postknight 2 was developed with and for the fans through a 7-month long Early Access period. Through iteration and tons of player feedback, we have made a game that is ready for the world to love!

Both new and existing players have a lot to look forward to! Postknight 2’s official launch of v1.0 will bring with it new features and content, including two brand new areas: the magical forests of Violetfair and the snowy mountain of Aldor. Pets also make a return from the first game and can now buff players in combat!

Furthermore, we want to thank all of our 970,391 pre-registered players! Despite not hitting our goal of 1 million pre-registrations, we will send all rewards, including the final goal reward of 100 Crystal Gems, to pre-registered players via their in-game Inboxes when the game officially launches. These rewards are available to claim for the first 14 days from the game’s release.

The deliveries don’t stop here! We will continue to add new content and features after release with periodic updates, starting with the Wintertide Event during the holiday season this December!

Postknight 2 releases today – December 2nd, 2021 – on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Visit our website to start your Postknight training:

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About Kurechii

Kurechii is an independent game studio based in Malaysia. They have been making fun and creative games for over ten years and will continue to create memorable experiences for the world to love. They are the minds behind King’s League II (2019), Postknight (2017), Tiny Guardians (2015), and more.