The Easter Day event is back again this year with our creepy yellow Easter bunny – Zipper. Usually he can be found hopping around your village plaza, but in my case today I came across him on one of my beaches. I guess I watched too many horror films, but this bunny is far from cute for my personal taste. But then again who am I with the blue elephant Chai with the coffe cup for her head accessory and a sheep that look like it has been wrapped in cotton candy Étoile? Seeing this yellow fellow prompted me to run to my Cranny and discoverd the limited daily item – Easter tree, pretty cute I must admit. But this visit meant also an additional thing – Easter egg hunt! So back to my plaza it was. And to my surprise there was my newly moved in Audie that seemed very eager to chat with me and give me something.

Yup, eggs. Villagers can gift you eggs! Hell yeah! But you still need to find some on your own. tried my luck and went to chat with my buddy Raymond and see what he thinks about this egg hunting madness. To my surprise – He is all IN!

He even gave me hints where to look fot the eggies, well how sweet of you kitten… I ran to my house to grab some Nook Mile Tickets. To test things out I decided to go with 20 of them. Was so happy Raymond was not lying to me.

These game mechanics makes no sense – I men, eggs on trees? Literally under rocks? Buried underground? Hidden under water? Yep, this game defies all rules of logic, but why not? As long as you have fun anything goes, right? If you plan on going egg hunting on Mystery Island heed my warning though: “Do not waste your time looking for the Water eggs, fish for the Sky eggs or open the DIY bottles(more details on the last 2 later in the story)!” After my 20 NMT were depleted I checked my inventory for the results. Not too shabby I dare to say myself, not at all.

If you end up on the Money Rock Island just be aware the odds of finding any eggs are slim to none. You have to eat a fruit and brwak the stone or dig up the star shaped mark in the ground(for a chance of an egg drop). As it is primary used to farm Bells, you will get just that if hitting the rocks with the shovel multiple times. Never received an egg while doing so on this specific island and want to save you the frustration in trying it yourselves. You can thank me later. If this is your 1st time hunting for the eggs, check the list below on where to obtain the 6 specific types.

Wood EggChopping trees – palms have a slightly higher chance to drop this egg/ Gift from villagers.
Water EggFishing/ Gift from villagers.
Stone EggForaging rocks/ Gifts from villagers.
Sky EggShooting down Earter Day patterned baloons on your island/ Gift from villagers.
Leaf EggGrowing on leafy trees, shake off/ Gift from villagers.
Earth EggShoveling out the star shaped mark on the ground(same to fossils mark)/ Gift from villagers.

Now I get back to why not to bother opening the DIY bottles on Mystery Islands. You need to look for Easter Day patterned bottles.