The new update went live today in Europe and will be live soon in other countries as well. Lets see what we can expect in the table below:

DAY 1:

  • Custom Design Pro Editor
  • Custom Designs Portal
  • Sanrio amiibo compatibility

I invited Étoile immediately to test the functionality out! She might ask you to craft a different item for her each day for the next 2 days(you need to invite her for 3 consecutive days before she decides to move in to your island). she will also reward you for bringing her the item she requested, rewards are of course random again. 😀

DAY 2:

Even if she does seem to be interested in moving in, do not be fooled, she still needs one more day. Again she will request another item to be crafted and give a random reward for it.


DAY 3:

Last day for invitation to the campsite. She will give you the last request for crafting an item and last random reward. If you do not have a free plot of land for her to move in, you will get the option to move a villager of your preference. I chose Fauna to be replaced by Étoile due to the position of her house. You will see Étoiles house in a few more days. 🙂


DAY 4:

Fauna has moved out and now the plot is SOLD to Étoile.


DAY 5:

Isabelle has announced Étoiles arrival and now she is unpacking all her belongings in her beautiful house. By this point you should have access to the items via Nook Shopping – Special items menu. If you are only after the items alone and do not want to invite the villager just fly over to Harv and scan the amiibo. This will unlock all the items and posters now, which was previously not possible, you only received the posters.


DAY 6:

Étoile has finished unpacking and is now a proud inhabitant of my sland. <3 I will not be giving her away until she bless me with her photograph, after I want to test if it is possible to adopt her from my island if she decides to move out. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for future info.