Hello dear visitors,
today I want to take a look on Dauntless, a cross platform monster slaying RPG that kind of resembles the Monster Hunter franchise, but with less pay to win atribute.

Of course it is not totally stripped from paid content, but that is only cosmetics, that you can live without. Well at least I can live without it that is for sure. So what is it all about you ask? As I indicated above, you slay monsters, in the world of Ramsgate you create your character, be it male of female, you customize it as far as it lets you. I have found it pretty limiting with the choices you have to do it, but hey at least there were no pre-made characters, otherwise I would probably would not be able to look as pretty as I do in the game. 😀 After a good dose of introduction quests where you get to learn all the basic of the controls, weapon types, armor and elements (yes you have elements here), you get to experience the oh so great feeling of killing Behemoths(that is the name of monsters here).

Let me tell you one thing, you can easily get addicted or be annoyed by Wils Bormens : “You are my favourite slayer”! Then you realize he is telling this to every slayer/player around you and suddenly your heart will sink because you no longer feel special. But just listen to Moyras quotes and your spirit will be lifted again. She always gives me a good laugh, even if it is not intentional. Also I cannot forget the middle man and his goodies called Cores, which are rune type items that can be socketed into your weapons and gear. You can even cheat death with one of those Cores!

Did I found anything bad within this otherwise great game? Sorry to tell, but yes. There is a very stupid bug on one of the maps(have not tried to replicate this on other maps or my other three team mates would literally kill me :D) and when you fall down between two cliffs you keep falling down in a loop and you do not respawn on the cliff you initially fallen off from – yup you do not die here, you respawn or get taken out if you are close to death when you have no health potions left in battle or when the danger meter of the Behemoth gets over 90% and you cannot revive anymore.
SK version can be found here.