Hello dear visitors,

I am pretty damn sure not only my fellow gamers asked themselves this question, but also you as well. Let me try to cover this topic.

How should good content look like?
It is all about originality. Even you would probably not like to read the same damn thing over and over again, right? Right, indeed! For example imagine visiting Serebii and Bulbapedia and finding the exact same article or post. No thank you. Usually when I can not find one thing on one of above mentioned I go to the other.

What should it include?
We are in the era of digital information, only a few go to printed paper news or library books. It is much easier to find information on-line these days. So, information? Yes, please! 🙂 But valid information, that has value for the readers. People want facts, not fiction or theories. For example I would be ready to virtually kill anyone who would arouse my interest with information about the Nintendo Switch PRO… and then I would find out it is false and no new console is coming out. I would rather verify (if possible) if this is true and then release such information out. Because, who needs all the unnecessary drama? Well unless fiery online discussions is your equivalent to a good A+ cinema movie and you want to eat some snacks reading it… Believe me, there really are people like that.

What is considered content from a gamers perspective?
You might think it is anything, but let me correct this before it gets too late and we sail to the dangerous waters we do not want to. Each gamer considers different things to be good or bad. Each and all of us has their own unique persona to them. What works for one, might not work for the other. For myself, I decided I will avoid any YouTube channels as I highly value my privacy. I am sure many of my fellow gamer colleagues can now relate to this decision of mine. Yes, you are still reading this from a gamer who does this for the fun of it, not for the damn $$$!

Please feel free to comment, feedback if highly appreciated and will help me make better content for you in the future. 🙂
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