As a gamer who played the previous titles in the series I had high hopes for this Nintendo Switch port. I am not disssapointed in this at all. Playing WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy on console in the dock with no need to poke my screen to give commands and instead giving commands via joycons/pro-controller made this experience so much more enjoyable! Below is a little sneak-peek. I wanted to add a bit longer game play, but unfortunately my website upload limit is not the most coperative with just max file size of 128MB!

It is very hard not to like this game which you can play regardless of the previous two prequels in these RPG series. Lovely music accompanied by the great Japan voice actors will not annoy the Hell out of you and you will actually look forward to hearing Eirudy and the other characters speak. The plot/main quest line is pretty interesting – creating a doll that will know how to speak. Made me wonder what turn would this actually take(I already finished the game by the time this went live and will not spoil the ending as it will be affected by the choices you made as the protagonist), but no need to fear, you have a diary with a handy function of saving quest clues in it, so you never wonder what your next step should be. One thing I cannot stress enough about though is – always collect all available ingredients on the map and kill all accessible monsters for ingredient drops! You never know when yo will need them to craft new recipes! Another good thing is a 5 day schedule during which Eirudy can train she learn various new skills and above mentioned recipes. This schedule however is not set in a way that you can farm up your skill points easily – you need to progress in the story to access each weekly training session or do actions like killing monsters to fill up your trainig days meter. It is possible to repeat the same type exercises for all 5 days and it will sometimes increase the stat amount gain. Exercise types are the following:
Push-ups: STR +3%, DEF +1%; required to raise DEF levels after reaching the DEF requirement

Punching: STR +2%, AGI +1%

Running: HP +3%

Sword Training: HP +1%, AGI +2%; required to raise SWORDSMANSHIP levels after meeting the HP requirement

Magic Research: MAG +1%, MP +2%; required to raise Magic Research levels to craft new spells after reaching the MAG requirement

Crafting Research: MP +3%; required to raise Crafting Research levels after reaching a total stat requirement

Magic Shaping: MAG +2%, MP +1%; required to raise MAG SWORDSMANSHIP levels after reaching a MAG requirement

Magic Burst: MAG +1%, MP +1%, HP +1%

You fight the monsters not only for ingredient drops that can be used to craft stat-boosting consumables, but also they drop VITALITY which you collect to your upgradeable Soul Stone and you use this to enhance your dolls. But keep in mind to collect VITALITY it is Eirudy who must defeat the monster, not the doll. Also if you use any AOE spell only the last killed enemy will give you VITALITY. In the beginning the battles will feel quite challenging, but as you train more and your stats increase it will be less of a hassle. Best possible way I found out to increase you stats is to use the item – Brilliant Crystal which will increase all stats by 20%! You can obtain it via following methods:

  • Drop from Ancient Dragon (rare)
  • Drop from Maegrik Dragon (rare)
  • Craft using Heart of Lavalord ×1, Crevasse Hand ×1, Lightnoceros Horn ×1, Misty Forest Spring ×5 (requires Crafting Research Level 7)

But very early the monsters that drop the ingredients will be pretty hard to kill and will most likely end up killing you, so feel free to consume any stat boosting item from less hard to kill oponents like the ones in Ice Cave which you can access pretty early in the game and it is near Eirudys house. No need to worry you can teleport out of there to home. enemies do not respawn instantly though, but you can reset their respawn timer by re-entering the map multiple times. Teleporting home and learning 5 days, then teleporting to the nearest transportation circle usually do not help from what I have noticed, not even if you learn skills trough multiple learning circles in a row. Of course if you have any questions about anything I have not covered, feel free to leave a comment or mesage on my FB page or instagam.