Hello again, dear visitors,
I know this game is out of modern times because it is from last year, but what is a better indicator of gameplay than playing it for so many months?

I was one of those lucky ones who pre-ordered it and even got it on the release date and not with a delay of several days as it happened to me on the 3DS title Ultra Sun and Moon. And so I tell you, it really annoyed me. Imagine my disappointment when you receive a notification mail about sending an order to a given branch of an unnamed store in your city, so you run there excitedly on the way from the groceries, because they were right next door. And the poor salesman after I gave him my order number unhappily announces: “I’m sorry miss, but we haven’t got it here, stop by tomorrow.” And to make matters worse, the store moved to a different address a few months after I picked up the games. 😀 Well, don’t love that shop. Until then, I had no problem and I still had it very close to the house. Well, it can’t be Christmas every day, it seems.

But now back to the game that this review is all about. Who did I chose as a starting Pokémon? Well, my favorite order was as follows: 1. Sobble, 2. Scorbunny, 3. Grookie (sorry monkey, but I’m not a fan of your kind). In fact, since I came home from work, I played until about 5:00 in the morning. This is called: “A fan of the game!” After this marathon, I slept until about 10:00 in the morning. 😀 Main story no problem. Before I could finish it, I caught some Gigantamax Pokémon, so I was a bit over-powered. Let me tell you exactly these Giga raids got me still hooked up until now. And why not? Well, catching that Giga Pokemon shiny is such a great priceless feeling. When you have your own raid you catch it 100%, but if you just join someone else you only have a 3% chance! Of course, you can also get Pokemon shiny by classic breeding in the Nursery. If you use the Masuda method, i.e. two Pokemon from different countries, 1 out of 512 can hatch shiny from your egg if you have finished the Pokédex and have received the Shiny charm.

So besides being a Pokémon Breeder, you can now also call me a Giga Pokemon Hunter.
SK version can be found here .