Aug 19, 2021 – Shanghai, China – Yostar Games announced its upcoming game title that will launch on iOS and Android in late 2021, Revived Witch, a pixel-art RPG mobile with anime character layouts. Players will start their journey as a witch with a memory loss, and travel through parallel worlds trying to unveil the secrets about the big war that almost jeopardized everything. 
Different from traditional pixel art creation, the developer of Revived Witch decided to spice up and bring a different gaming experience by building the game with UNITY. Including the environment, and characters are in both pixel and 3D, with an immersive weather system, players will be able to see different dimensions with lights, shadows, etc.

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To make the characters more vivid, the developer has added an anime character layout on the character surface with Live2D motion. Players will be able to see a full version of their loving characters meanwhile using their pixel avatars to battle.
Pre-registration of Revived Witch will start soon, follow its official website and social media for the latest update.
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