Released on Nintendo eShop today (June 3)!

– Find the missing girl in the dreadful era ruined by plague!
– Official Nintendo eShop release scheduled today(June 3) with an update on Steam version
– Buy now and get a 10% special discount! (Offer ends June 16)

Today(Thursday, June 3), the action game 「Wicce」 has been released on Nintendo eShop by the game publisher CFK. At the same time, the 2016 original 「Wicce」 for Steam has been updated to the same version as its Nintendo Switch edition.

「Wicce」 is an action side-scroller that features a witch’s search for her missing daughter in the dark medieval world overrun by plague and foul creatures.

There was a witch and her young daughter living together in the deep woods.

One day, the daughter went on an errand but didn’t come back
even after the sun set on the horizon.
So the witch headed to the town to look for her.

What she didn’t expect was the town filled with sick people,
and fiends letting out foul aura!
In search of her dear girl, the witch fights the monsters and cures the sick.

But the Pope, having heard of her actions,
sees the witch as the one who caused the epidemic…….

As the witch, players head to the town to look for the missing daughter. The outside world is completely ruined by the plague, full of foul creatures attacking the townspeople.


「Wicce」 is an action-packed side scroller in which players can fight fiends with a variety of dynamic moves. Along with double jump and sliding, players will use the witch’s broom both as a transportation and as a weapon.

In addition, extreme boss fights await at the end of each stage. Their movement may be fast and attacks deadly, but there certainly exists a weakness. Use it to achieve victory!

On the way to the town, there are people who are in need of the witch’s help. It is up to the player to save them, or leave them in the world turned hell.

「Wicce」 also features hidden content in New Game+ mode that affects the ending. Will the witch get her daughter back and return home together?

「Wicce」 has its official release today(Thursday, June 3) on Nintendo eShop worldwide. Celebrating the release, a 10% special discount is offered on the Nintendo Switch version until Wednesday, June 16. Better not miss this chance!

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Title: Wicce
Platform: PC(Steam), Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action Adventure
Release: Thu., June 3, 2021
Price: $7.99 USD ($7.19 with a 10% discount until June 16)
Player(s): Single
Supported Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.
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