Today, gumi Inc announces the return of The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration from November 18 to December 08, 2021. During this limited-time collaboration, players will be able to summon knights from the seven sins, a member of the Ten Commandments, Zeldris and the princess of Liones from the land of Britannia.

In this collaboration, players can look forward to the following events and units:

Summonable Collaboration Characters

Players can summon these characters from The Seven Deadly Sins to aid the players’ quest to defend Babel from the wrath of the Gods.

New Collaboration Units:

For a limited time only, recruit these characters from The Seven Deadly Sins:

November 18 onwards:

  • Zeldris
  • Merlin
  • Elizabeth Liones (Free Unit)

November 25 onwards:

  • Escanor

Rerun Collaboration Units:

The iconic units from the first collaboration will also be made available for players during this limited-time collaboration:

November 18 onwards:

  • Meliodas
  • King
  • Diane

November 25 onwards:

  • Gowther
  • Ban

Enlightenment for all collaboration units is also available where players are able to enlighten all units up till Gate 7. 

Collaboration login Bonuses

During this limited time period, players will be rewarded with awesome rewards if they login daily. Players can get up to:

  • Rainbow Ingot x 150
  • GEMS x 500
  • Rare Equipment 10-Summon Ticket x 2
  • Otherworlder Token x 100
  • Otherworldly Indulgence x 4
  • Otherworldly Retribution x 2
  • Otherworldly Bubble x 2
  • And more…

What’s more, players will be able to claim up to 10x Collab Festival Ticket, and use it in the Unlimited 3 Step Special Summon only for the new collaboration units, Merlin, Zeldris, and Escanor. 

Collaboration Mementos
For a limited time only, players will be able to obtain The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration Mementos through the 5-Step Memento 10-Summon. 

  • New Mementos

Eternal Heroes of Liones/Eternal Heroes of Liones

The aroma of Vanyas Ale fills the Boar Hat—and shortly, so does a high-pitched squeal as he wakes up with terror in his heart, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Squeeeal! Mama! I don’t wanna be roasted!” Elizabeth’s calming voice does not reach him, as the cause of his nightmare lingers all-too strongly in his mind: Meliodas, laughing, with a meat pie shaped like a roasted pig in his hand. These heroes will never cease to be lively, that much is certain.

The Princess Against the Ten CommandmentsEndless threats from the Templars. The unflinching gray-haired woman looks onward, as she is no longer a princess relying on being protected. Tools for magic are not just to attack, but useful for protecting people. “I am not a soldier. But I must fight for my people and be able to protect them.” She grew stronger with every encounter and every separation. She’s become a heroic figure through these trying times.

  • Rerun Mementos

Legendary Order of the Knights Memento

The legendary order of knights, The Seven Deadly Sins, was known to rush to the aid of the kingdom in times of crisis. In contrast to the evil countenance depicted on their wanted posters, their eyes shine like those of true heroes. “Never give up! Be strong, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins are here!” They wished for peace, and fearlessly stood against those who would threaten it. They lived as true knights, fighting solely for their beliefs, with no desire for wealth or fame.

Holy War of the Seven Deadly Sins Memento
Those righteous fellows, the Deadly Sins, go to intercept the approaching menace. If one looked upon the scene using Balor’s Magical Eye, it would be obvious that the assembled were no ordinary beings. Most startling of all would be the revealed prowess of the one leading the group. “You have hurt that which is precious to me…that is your sin.” The flash of his rage-driven blade follows this proclamation, lighting up the faces of his companions, who fight this Holy War at his side. His resolve is absolute: he will protect that which is precious to him, no matter the cost.

Collaboration Equipment and Gears
Get ready to equip all your The Seven Deadly Sins units and gear them to be ready for battles. 

The Seven Deadly Sins Equipment

Players can now get The Seven Deadly Sins Equipment by:

  • Clearing milestones from the Special Quest’s Normal and Hard Stages to obtain Equipment Shards.
  • Obtaining equipment shards as drops from the Special Quest’s Normal and Hard Stages.
  • Players will have to gather 80 Equipment Shards in order to transmute one Equipment.
  • Each unit’s Equipment can also be purchased from the Secret Shop.

The Seven Deadly Sins Gear

Players can now get The Seven Deadly Sins gear by:

  • Clearing milestones from EX quests to obtain up to 50 Gear Shards, and with this number of Shards, players can transmute a 2-Star gear of their choice.
  • Additional Gear Shards can be collected by clearing EX quests objectives, through drops in EX quests, and through clearing milestones from the multiplay version of EX quests.

Original Collaboration Quests

The Holy War between the Gods and the Ten Commandments is about to break out in Babel. Gather your team and gear up to fight alongside The Seven Deadly Sins to stop this chaos by clearing limited-time collaboration quests during this limited-time collaboration period.

Players can get The Seven Deadly Sins Equipment and Gears Shards by going through the quests. With these Shards, players can transmute one Equipment with 80 Equipment Shards and transmute a 2-Star gear with 50 Gear Shards. At the same time, players have a chance to obtain The Seven Deadly Sins soul shards during the collaboration through login bonuses and summoning the Special Stage’s Event Summon.

EX Quests

Not only will players be able to challenge themselves in the EX-Quests in order to obtain items from the current collaboration units but also EX-Quests from the Rerun units across the collaboration period.
Players will be able to obtain the following when they take part in the limited-time collaboration EX-Quest:

>From November 18

  • Morning Star Aldan Shard (from EX-Quest Level 6)
  • Zeldris’ Sword Shard  (from EX-Quest Level 8)

>From November 25

  • Divine Axe Rhitta Shard (from EX-Quest Level 7)

 EX+ Quests stages will be opened to players progressively throughout the collaboration period with various attractive rewards upon quest completion.

Collaboration Raid

Assemble your team and take part in The Seven Deadly Sins raid happening from December 02 until December 08, 2021. Defeat raid bosses such as the Red Demon, Gray Demon and Albion, and be rewarded with items such as Gems and Port coins. 

Compete with other Alchemy Ports in and stand to win Rainbow Soul Shards and more Gems, as well as a collaboration-limited Port Emblem for the top 100 Alchemy Ports.  

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