Santa Monica, CA – July 6, 2021 – thatgamecompany, best recognized for critically acclaimed games Journey and Flower, today launched their first collaborative season in their award-winning game, Sky: Children of the Light. Sky’s special adventure season will star the internationally beloved character, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), from the cross-generational French children’s novel and licence created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The event arrives just in time to celebrate Le Petit Prince’s 75th anniversary, and is available to download in Sky via Apple AppGoogle Play and Nintendo Switch Game Store.

The ‘Season of The Little Prince’ will be Sky’s 10th season release and will be playable over the next 11 weeks. A brand new beautifully-designed “Starlight Desert” area has been added to stage the all-new storyline. Through the season, the player will be tasked to explore a different part of the Sky kingdom with the Little Prince to learn about his story and his travels.  Fans of the novel will recognize some of the other iconic characters joining the themed narrative arc too. There will be more surprises, expressions, items and cosmetics to unlock throughout this special season.

“It is wonderful to see The Little Prince in ‘Sky’. We are glad Jenova and his team thought about this collaboration. It makes perfect sense as The Little Prince and Sky have strong values in common and both inspire people to cherish friendship, love and childhood.” added Olivier d’Agay, great nephew of Antoine de Saint Exupéry and Executive Director of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation.

“Le Petit Prince was one of the strongest inspirations to me and the team during the early development of Sky. There are so many layers of depth about childhood, love and friendship in this book, even when we revisited it for this season we were discovering new things. I am so honored to be working with Olivier and his team. We hope the Sky fans savor it as much as we have designing this new season,” added Jenova Chen, co-Founder and Creative Director at thatgamecompany.

Last month, the game also surpassed its 100th million installs since its launch on Apple App Store in July 2019. The team expects continued growth with Sky following its recent launch on Nintendo Switch and optional cross-play functionality across mobile devices as well. With compassion, friendship and altruism as central elements of Sky, the game’s innovative experience has drawn both critical acclaim and awards. It has been honored with accolades such as Apple’s 2019 iPhone Game of the Year and Apple’s 2020 Design Award, as well as wins at the SXSW Awards 2020, the Game Developers Choice Awards 2020, Google Play Store’s Best Indie Game of 2020, The Webby Awards 2020 & 2021, among others.

Sky: Children of the Light is free-to-play on the Nintendo SwitchApp Store for compatible Apple devices and on Google Play for Android devices.  All features of the ‘Season of The Little Prince’ can be activated by purchasing the Adventure Season Pass at £9.99, and for gifting with the three-pack bundle at £19.99 within Sky. Additional items and cosmetics such as the Fox Prop, Little Prince Scarf and Asteroid Jacket will be made available for in-app purchase for a limited time as well.

The collaborative partnership between thatgamecompany and Le Petit Prince was through NetEase Games and STE Oeuvre Memoire Antoine de Saint Exupéry – Succession Saint Exupéry – d’Agay, licensor of Le Petit Prince, arranged and managed by Le Petit Prince’s exclusive master agent Medialink Animation International Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medialink Group Limited ( (together “Medialink Group”), the leading dynamic market mover of media content distribution and brand licensing in Asia.

About The Little Prince Licensing
Born in 1943 in New York, The Little Prince is a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The Little Prince is a philosophical tale that has been passed on and shared from generation to generation for more than 75 years. A creator of links between generations, people and continents, The Little Prince is also an icon of sustainable development, a promoter of world peace and a defender of children’s rights. With over 450 translations and 200 Million books sold, The Little Prince is the most translated and most read non-religious book.

About thatgamecompany
Founded in 2006, thatgamecompany is committed to developing broadly accessible, artistic, emotional and enriching experiences, including award-winning titles flOw, Flower, Journey and Sky. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions across the globe, including the induction into Smithsonian’s permanent collection. The hope is to expand the range of emotional experiences possible in video games, so that it can be enjoyed and loved by people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

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